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Furter to my update yesterday, I've learned today that there may yet be hope on the 32-33 Grand Parade Gambling Licence. More in due course.

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which bookies are they? what else can be done? i'm new to this :-) when did they appeal, how can they have two applicatons i'm confused
It is confusing. The bookies are "Better" - you'll see that the shop is nearly finished together with name at 32 - 33 Gd Pde. They made an application under the old legislation - that was rejected by the council. They then appealed in the magistrates court and won the appeal. Whilst all that was going through the courts, the law relating to gambling licences changed (from Sept 1 2007) in line with the 2005 Gambling Act. They made a 2nd application under this act. We're assuming as belt and braces. But there may be other reasons. WE have reason to hope that despie their appeal victory they still need the 2nd application to be successful before they can open.

As far as what can be done, there will be a hearing for the licence application under the new legislation probably in Dec or Jan. I'll post it when it's confirmed. You can attend that hearing. The date to register objevtions has passed. There are also applications for 2 further premsies on Gn Lns - check forum post history. Those, too, are being contested. To get involved contact Ladder Community Safety Partnership - see forum, residents' group category for more info on them.
do you know the appeal case number?
No, but when I was at the hearing for the 507 Gn Lns shop last week, I was given the name of the Council's Senior solictor for planning & licensing - Maria Bilbao, 0208 489 5950 (I imagine that she'll also be at maria.bilbao@haringey.gov.uk). She or one of her team will no doubt have all the info.

You sound ike you may know something about all of this. If you'd like to work with us on this, I can fill you in on some more details offline. You can email me at harringaycom@yahoo.co.uk and I'll give you my number or we can talk by mail. There's more resources than you may imagine at our disposal - and reason to be hopeful.



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