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"Hayley Introduces Free Residents' Parking for some.....not for all"

In his recent decision on Harringay's parking Councillor Hayley made it clear that he wanted to bring our parking in line with other areas. The following has just been posted on the Hornsey Vale Yahoo Group:

Haringey have recently introduced a new CPZ centred on White Hart Lane, the home of Tottenham Hotspurs as there is a pressure on parking on match days. The CPZ will operate each evening eliminating parking on evening match days (of which there may be - ooh 5 a year or so and also at weekends to counter Saturday match day parking - bear in mind each premiership team plays 19 home games and a limited number of cup matches so the pressure could hardly be said to be overwhelming. Here however, is the clincher - how much will local residents have to pay to gain the benefit of this freedom from match day parking problems?
The same as every other Haringey resident? Wrong - parking in this in heartland of Labour Tottenham will cost - absolutely nothing at all! That’s right - nothing for residents permits and nothing for business permits. Now a number of issues arise from this - can we all have one? Most (Hornsey Vale) residents would vote wholeheartedly for a CPZ if it were free - but in consultations on CPZs in other parts of the borough we are told that free CPZs are not an option - shouldn’t all existing CPZs now become free? What justification can there be for imposing charges in other parts of the borough but not in this part of Tottenham?

Will he be so keen to bring us in line with this precedent. Ask him. His email address can be found via the navigation panel on the 1st page.

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Hello Hugh,

You raise a fair question and deserve a fair answer. I suggest you email Cllr Haley yourself and post the reply here.

In the meantime you might also want to talk to some of the residents immediately affected by the Spurs matches.

By the way, as a Tottenham Hale councillor, my own experience of people's views on Controlled Parking Zones has never been wholehearted support for any of them - whether free or not. This includes getting phonecalls and stopped in the street for 'heated' discussion about the Tottenham Hale CPZ. Plus dozens and sometimes hundreds of emails about other CPZs.

Views range from very strong support, to bitter opposition - even to the principle of having any controls at all. In between, people have widely divergent opinions about: the time restrictions needed; the level of charges; and whether or not there should be bandings. The issue of Visitors' Parking Permits is also highly contentious. It's one on which I feel particularly strongly since it affects everyone - including people who can't drive, or don't own cars.
Thanks Alan. I have every sympathy for the residents. I have equal sympathy for residents elsewhere. I think the issue raised by the Hornsey Vale group is one of fairness across all residents.
Hugh I am glad you raised this. The latest round of charge increases for our very own Wood Green CPZ have more than tripled my annual bill - and no i don't even drive a 4x4, just a 6 year old largish family hatchback which i have needed with a family and dog and many years of cheap holidays not going abroad. But that is irrelevant anyway, as far as i can see, unless you drive a lorry that takes two parking spaces, or a smart car that takes half. As you would expect i am outraged at what has happened locally - the whole idea of it being a service to protect residents from being 'parked out' by commuters and shoppers has gone out the window on the ladder - but obviously not in Tottenham.

Its true you can't please all the people all the time, but as usual I feel like piggy in the middle getting a very raw deal from this council - paying through the nose for dreadful service.
Did you email Cllr Haley? Did he reply? He is a resident of Harringay ward, so perhaps you'd like to invite him to join Harringay Community website
I haven't emailed Haley. Given my negative experience of him with the Green Lanes CPZ (won't go in to it here, but could share with you if you're interested). I can't quite get up the enthusiasm. But I probably should.
As I said, you posed a fair question. It's also an interesting one since the streets round the Spurs' stadium do have a distinct problem. For usually 22 games each season, some 18,000 - 20,000 football fans drive into North Tottenham at the same time. (The others come by train and coach.) Most of the drivers want free parking for a couple of hours. (Although there are also several local places, such as schools and sports centres, making substantial income charging the fans between £10 and £20 for a parking space.)

If local residents drive anywhere before the Spurs game, they can completely forget about finding a parking space near their homes until after the match. As for having friends or family visit on a matchday - don't even think about it!

I'm sure this happens all over the country whhere people live close to a major stadium; and there may be other solutions which work as well as a matchday CPZ. I don't know.

But please do email Cllr Haley for the official answer, as he's the so-called "cabinet" member. He is probably the highest paid Haringey councillor and has a number of officers who deal with his mail - under his different posts. So I'm sure you will get a reply.
hello hugh

no i haven't written to anyone post the consultation on the local cpz. i will do it. is it easy to email councilllors - i haven't tried it yet. can you do it through the haringay website?
It's easy to email councillors - all the info you need + email addresses is on this site here
thanks hugh - i have now written and registered my unhappiness re local cpz charges and asked for a rationale for free parking for NP residents when others have to pay hefty fees. Incidentally i have lived in raleigh road a long time. We used to have a terrible problem parking particularly for the months before and after christmas when shoppers came, and we would foften have to park several roads away form our homes, and also with commuters who parked near the station and which meant you couldn't return to your road during the day. while i have sympathy with residents affected by matches, i don't see that there is any difference in principle.
Look forward to hearing what your reply is!
hello neighbours

i have had a reply from irene rice (only one day later than they said i would get it)
hank you for your email to Cllr Haley that has been passed to me for a response. see below:

Early this year Haringey Council signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate change, which committed us to implement a number of measures to reduce green house gas emissions in the borough. As part of this commitment we reviewed our permit charges to reflect both the engine sizes and CO2 emissions. We believe that by introducing these charges we will encourage more use of public transport as well as smaller, more efficient vehicles that emit less CO2 gases and create less pollution. I would note that the charge for parking permits is made in order to cover the costs of operating and enforcing the scheme and that this price has not been reviewed since 2002. Most residents in CPZs in the borough currently pay between £30 and £60 each year for a parking permit which is considerable less than those in some other boroughs.

I appreciate the comments you have made regarding free permits to residents in Northumberland park but would note that this CPZ (The Spurs Match Day CPZ) will only operate on Match Days and will therefore be in operation for far fewer days than the other CPZ schemes we have introduced in the borough. If Spurs qualify for European competition, we would expect them to play around 30 home games in a season.

Other CPZs in the borough are designed to address problems resulting from commuter and visitor parking in those areas. These problems are experienced every week day – and in some parts of the borough – weekends as well. That means all our other CPZs are in operation for at least five days a week, or 260 days or more a year – so at least eight times more often than the Spurs CPZ.

If we were to charge residents in the new Match Day CPZ for permits at an eighth of the cost – reflecting the relative usage and enforcement costs and take into account the fact that Spurs have agreed to contribute to the cost of implementing the scheme we would have to charge the vast majority under £2 or £4 each year. Administrative costs for collecting these payments would immediately exceed any revenue we might generate.

Other London councils with major football stadium, such as Islington with Arsenal, have operated similar free Match Day CPZs for the same reason.

Of course, if residents in the CPZ area tell us they are regularly suffering from commuter or visitor parking outside of match days, then we would consider consulting them on proposals for a regular CPZ in the area. The charges for any normal CPZ would then clearly be the same as other parts of the borough.

I hope that this clarifies our position, if you require any further assistance with this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Irene Rice

Business Support Officer

Parking Services

Telephone: 0208 489 1364

Fax: 0208 489 1331

E-Mail: irene.rice@haringey.gov.uk
Well that sounds fair enough, I guess.



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