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Following my earlier posts I have now received the copies of the petitions to try and stop the granting of new gaming licences to two Green Lanes premises. There are two petitions, one for each premises.

Copies of the petitions are attatched to this post and can be downloaded. You may do so to circulate to your neighbours. They can then be submitted directly to the address at the bottom of the petition. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may scan and email them to me at harringaycom@yahoo.co.uk and I will pass them on the the organiser. You can also contact me for the organiser's fax number and you can fax directly to them if you prefer.

BUT, I have also set up the petitions on-line and you can sign on-line if you prefer. To sign on-line, please visit:

1. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gp1 (32-33 Grand Parade)
2. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gp2 (48 Grand Parade).

Pass these addresses on to your local friends.

If you intend to support the demo on Saturday, the organisers have aksed that you come equipped with a few copies of the petition, a writing surface for people to sign on and a pen or two. They are meeting outside 32-33 Grand Parade at 11.45 this Saturday. Apparently the local press are due at 12.00.

As for the third premsies I mentioned at the bottom of Warham Road, apparently we are too late to petition against it. However, you may attend the committee meeting which will decide whether the licence will be granted. Also attached to this post is copy a letter from Haringey Council's Licensing team, detailing the meeting.

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I agree about the wording. It's not my petition, but I've changed it. The key thing is the message, but I don't want people put off by the wording - for the want of a horse shoe nail and all that.

With regards to the demand issue, I do think that gambling shops are as much in the business of creatiung demand as responding to it. And where will the customers be from? We already have four big betting shops on Green Lanes. Does a community our size really need more? I think actually they will draw people in from outside. An issue for me is the concentration of betting shops in such a relatively small space. I think that's what the author of the petition was getting at, albeit somewhat emotively.



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