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I spotted a huge advert today in the FT for a very well organised campaign against the fixed odds betting terminals which have been described as the 'crack cocaine' of gambling and which are the main reason so many new betting shops are opening up. Apparently they are the only real money-making part of bookies these days. Having successfully campaigned for a change in the law in Ireland, they are now focussing on the UK and I urge anyone who has opposed the betting shops on Green Lanes to visit the site and sign the petition


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Thanks Bushey, have signed.
Excellent, thanks. Have signed. It would be so good if this worked here too!
Well spotted Bushy, thanks, will sign it.
Turning on for Late Junction on Radio 3 this evening (20 November) I caught the last five minutes of anthropologist Rebecca Cassidy's talk: The Social Life of Betting Shops. It's based on her academic research working in bookies. Even the few minutes I heard were fascinating and thought provoking.

There are lots of useful insights; including about the legal changes and why the impact on local betting shops - and their almost uncontrolled expansion - was not properly discussed.

From 21 November for six days you can listen to it by going to the BBC website.
Thanks for this link Alan. I have just listened to it. As you say a very interesting set of ideas.

Rebecca Cassidy was back on the radio today - again talking about betting shops. You can listen on the BBC Radio 4 website here.

. Start 4 minutes in; finishes at 13mins.

I missed this posting Bushy. Pity, it would have married nicely with the Green Lanes petition.
Petition duly signed. It's about time we did away with blatant means of affecting vulnerable people. Something the Government seems to be blind to.



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