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A £55m scheme to help stop the misuse of blue disabled parking badges in England has been announced.

One in every 200 badges is stolen each year, and some London boroughs are dealing with hundreds of cases of stolen, forged or misused badges.

The government says it is looking to give councils new powers to confiscate stolen or forged badges.

It is also extending the badge scheme to people with temporary mobility problems or mental health problems.

Others set to benefit are disabled Armed Forces personnel, who will be automatically entitled to a badge, and young children with disabilities.

A £10m national data-sharing system will be established by councils to make sure stolen or forged badges from outside their areas can be detected.

The Department for Transport is also looking at new ways to make the badges harder to forge, including barcodes that can be read through windscreens.

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It would be great if they could have the power to examine suspicious users as well. As I spend a lot of time working by the roadside (I am not a parking warden!), I see plenty of people parking up and using a disabled badge however It is very rarely that the person appears disabled in any way that would justify the use of the badge.

I understand that it can be used by relatives etc picking up disabled people but again for the most part I feel this is not the case.

If everybody who displayed a disabled badge was really disabled, we would have a serious problem! I think most of them have a friendly doctor who writes the right thing and hey presto, a disabled badge!



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