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For the greatest impact and involvement I would suggest a Ladder Car Free Day - remembering, ofcourse, that a ladder consists of many rungs and two side rails.

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I like this idea alot. You could get lots of kids and adult kids like myself playing games and sport in the streets.
As much as I like the idea Paul the council/Highways will only see 'gridlock' with this proposal .... unless you are thinking Boxing Day.... We could all pop out of our houses and treat each other as community servants, giving each other boxes of goodies, [left over food and unwanted presents - swap day :) ]. All washed down with plenty of mulled wine, teas and coffee.

And the kidz could roam free without fear of being bowled over by a death machine on 4 wheels.
gridlock? so what. Let them sit in gridlock for one day while the kids have a few hours playing in their own streets.
But they are all residential roads how on earth would you stop everyone on those roads using their cars? Would all the parked cars from every road have to be moved? Or would they in effect be impounded for the day and not allowed to be moved? I think it would cause a riot
Falkland Rd had a 'street party' a few years back (as have Hewitt and Fairfax) and all you do is leafet each house and car in advance, as well as put up prominent notices on lamposts.

We had no problems at all. Cars can stay or go for the day. It's up to each household.
maybe it would be more practical for just say 4 or 5 of the middle rung roads to be car free, inviting all the other roads to come and play?
Yes I think so. Falkland to Hewitt? Incorporates the open space at Falkland Rd
Thing is with Falkland we'll end up using the open space again and not the street. Freeing the streets of cars is the main point isnt it? Seymour and Warham are smack bang in the middle? Although Warham is one of the main roads the cars seem to use - which maybe a good reason to close it for a few hours??
Here we go again. Paul, aren't we getting a bit fed up with this? What can we next suggest for a WHOLE LADDER TOTAL IMPACT ENDEAVOUR so that our more eastern neighbours can, within minutes, shrink it to a few safe N.E.central non-trafficked rung roads.
Tell you what, lad. Let's secede, declare UDI, let old Hornsey go to hell, and reconstitute the WHOLE LADDER from Warham to Endymion. I'm sure the Disraeli roads enclave is just waiting to be taken over.
Impound my car for a day? And where am I suposed to park it if I can't park anywhere near the Ladder? I'll just end up having to go away for the wek-end, which will cost loads of money I don't have. I'm all for a car-free day if there's a sensible solution for us with cars. And if pedestrians are to take over the streets I would assume that excludes cyclists as well as cars?
Pity the poor disabled who NEED personal transport.



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