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I was just wondering if anyone else thinks that there has been a marked deterioration of the state of the Harringay Passage with respect to cleanliness - in particular dog (or other!) fouling. I have done a 'report a problem' on the Haringey website but I am also thinking of contacting our local councillors and Cllr Haley (as Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation). I have found over the last few weeks it is like taking an obstacle course along the path - particularly with a pram.

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Birdy too

"The passage is for all our community"!!

so I'm not that happy about sweet wrappers, broken glasses or dumped little either
what is that big oil stain(?) running all the way from the alley between hewitt and seymour and down to mattison road school? someone trying their darndest to make the alley even more ugly/unpleasant?
Liz, that article is great - it highlights the issue of irresponible owners, and stupid owners are always at fault, it's never the dog's fault.
Microchipping should be done anyway, in case the animal gets lost or stolen, but the exam is a very good idea. The breeders license is another thing - puppy farms are more common than people think. Right, veering off topic, I tend to get on my soapbox where animals are convcerned. Article has some great ideas!
I think there should be a dog licence again, and I like the idea of a test though suspect that's a bit unrealistic (we don't have tests for being a parent after all .. ).

It would certainly make enforcement much easier, but guess would make things harder still for animal charities (maybe they could get some funding out of the revenue raised from the licence?).



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