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Does anyone know of a reliable person to fit a new catflap in a backdoor (double glazed unit). I am completely stumped. Thanks in advance

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Sorry Mags - it can't be done. Trying to put in a flap would break the seal, and assuming the glass has been toughened (as it should have been for a double glazed door), it can't be cut. You'll either have to get a new panel made with the cat flap in place(£££) or find somewhere else to put the flap.
Danzigger is right, I'm afraid, we had a devil of a job finding someone to do this and it did involve new panels and a bit of cash. We used these fellows
http://www.24hourexpressglaze.co.uk/ who did a good job but there weren't a lot of other options, to be honest.
I've seen a sign advertising "the catflap man" at my vet's, maybe call them and ask for the number?
Dragon vet clinic: 0207 272 3354. He was using cat flaps fitted in glass doors in his blurb.



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