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Haringey Council say you can plaster your high street with advertising and they'll ignore illegal estate agents signs BUT DON'T YOU DARE POST NOTICES ABOUT LOST PETS!

See this Hornsey & Crouch End Journal Article for more.

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Threats of £70 per illegal poster - are they picking on easy targets or what.
Someone at the top of Falkland Rd has recently moved in and subsequently lost their old ginger & white puddy cat. The street has been plastered with notices and we even had a laminated poster dropped through our letter box offering a reward. Oh, and just down the road you can read all about someone's lost dog.

Maybe we could have a HoL public poetry competition & plant them about the ladder. No harm done surely ... all in the name of art. Theme: the rise of urban citizen cash cow (aka council funding schemes).
What about found cat posters?
I like that. Community street posters. I have no problem with this. This attack on lost pet posters is easy prey under the council's new Green Strategy agenda. I'd rather they tackled more important problems like traffic.
Usual council speak. Ignore dog owners who poop our streets, ignore flytippers but lets get those anarchic animal lovers who leave their contacts on lamposts. Easy pickings for them, spineless council yet again.
I had the same problem when i lost my cat ,
I suggested notice boards at each end of the ladder streets for the enormous amount of council tax we have to pay.
The STALINISTS (aka Council) said it was not affordable.The posters were taken down the next day by street cleaners. Maybe the council should be reported to tthe RSPCA.
Good news i found my cat and i am training him to attack cabinat council members.
How totally ridiculous,its alright for them to stick thier notices up on trees etc so whats the difference
I put up loadsof signs a few weeks ago when my new cat ran away,had quite a few phone calls and someone finally caught heras a result-i then went round and took all the posters down and replaced a couple with thank you notices to people saying he had been found

So what is the harm of that,if anyone has a problem wth it,then I would say they really need to get out more
I think people quite liked it as it helps give a sense of community
Its great to know our council tax is being used on such useful measures by our local council
As Karen says - one law for them and one for us. Or is it "Do as I say, not as I do" ?

God lord, that's attractive! I take it this picture was taken in Crouch End?
Top of Hampden Road.
Ahh, yes of course, silly me. As if...
How can they even fine someone for these posters when they refused to fine anyone for the persistent fly-tipping on top of Seymour Road (see my blog)??? They even knew who did it. Did they fine anyone? Not at all. Too much hassle proving it was who we knew it was.
They don't have a leg to stand on, and they should be very careful with what they're seen to be clamping down on. I'm tempted to go pick up all the dog s**t from the Passage and dump the lot on their doorstep as a small token of my utter disgust.

If one of my belowed cats ever go missing I will move heaven and earth to find them, and that includes posters. I'd like to see the council try and fine me.

Fly-tipping, mugging, dumped cars, littering, betting shops, it's all fine, let it slide. But if you're a distraught pet-owner, we'll have you. very nice, right way to go!



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