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When we first moved into our house, we found a Kelly's post office directory from 1935 in the attic which I unearthed again today. It lists all the addresses in the then Hornsey borough and who was the head of household.

Our house was occupied by Arthur Jackson for instance. What is also fascinating is that there was a synagogue on Wightman Road (the current church opposite the mosque) and a lot of residents with German or jewish names living on the ladder (remember, this was 1935).

The unfortunate resident of 26 Priory Gardens N6 was one Mrs Hitler, who I'm sure changed her name by 1939.

If you want to know who lived in your house or anyother address in 1935, just let me know.

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Thanks for this Stephen. Having that date fills in a gap in my knowledge about that 'open space'. Yes I think you're right about the V1.
I hope you don't mind me making a point about the V weapons.. and the war generally.. Of course, the Germans were responsible for WW2 and it was right that the Allies fought and eventually were victorious, but sometimes things are exaggerated, even now some sixty years after it ended.

The V weapons weren't were very effectual, in fact at the same time, the British and American were killing more civilians per hundred tons of explosives dropped than the Germans were achieving. Just to put the thing into perspective, in a one hour raid on Berlin on 03/02.1945, 30,000 people were killed and 120,000 were made homeless in the ensuing firestorm.



What I think has made the V weapons legendary, is the fact that they were robotic and indiscriminate. And of course they were the forerunners of cruise missiles and the moon shots that came later.
The victorious Allies cleaned out Germany of the remaining V Weapons and their inventors and scientists, took them back home to start up their own space programmes.
michael, you should start charging!
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Hi Michael,
Do you know who lived in 73 Hewitt Road please?
One Mrs Bacon. At the top of the road (no.1) was a freemason's lodge. The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, Pride of Clerkenwell Lodge. The Secretary was (now wait for this), Mr H. Charles Hewitt! Coincidence or was he THE Hewitt?
Don't I know it. I'm allowed 30 minutes for meals and a couple of hours kip a night.

There were two seperate properties then. 54 was Stills & Herbert butcher's shop and 56-58 Burgoyne Service station - it's still a garage now isn't it.
Could you let me know who lived in the School House in Falkland Road?

(btw, I think Mr Grandee who lived in Frobisher Road would have been an assistant caretaker as this house has always been occupied by the head caretaker).

I've got a 1901 census record for Fairfax, Falkland and Frobisher Roads so if anyone wants that information just let me know (or should I start a new thread?)

Careful what you offer Angela (see my previous post to Moonta!).

The school house occupant is a bit confusing. The entry for no.19 says Regnald Fisher, North Harringey Council School, Charles Palmer (School House). Not sure if that means Mr Fisher was the Headteacher and Mr Palmer the caretaker with Mr Grandee as his gopher.
Many thanks Michael.

I think Palmer would have been the caretaker, and Fisher a classteacher - iirc the Head was a Mr Spilman then.

I'll be going on holiday next week and won't be back until almost the end of September and I am absolutley not taking Kelly's directory with me!

I'll close the thread on Sunday evening and reopen again when I'm back so there aren't a lot of fretful historians waiting on a reply.
I'm impressed with your committment to local history. Pls could you let me know about 215 Wightman?
Many thanks



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