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When we first moved into our house, we found a Kelly's post office directory from 1935 in the attic which I unearthed again today. It lists all the addresses in the then Hornsey borough and who was the head of household.

Our house was occupied by Arthur Jackson for instance. What is also fascinating is that there was a synagogue on Wightman Road (the current church opposite the mosque) and a lot of residents with German or jewish names living on the ladder (remember, this was 1935).

The unfortunate resident of 26 Priory Gardens N6 was one Mrs Hitler, who I'm sure changed her name by 1939.

If you want to know who lived in your house or anyother address in 1935, just let me know.

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Something a bit odd here Judith. It goes 213 then 217. It was either vacant at the time of the book or did not exist!!!!!!!
Michael, I've just found a small bit of information re the synagogue but I'm having problems linking it on here.

I'll try again in a bit
The dates fit exactly - thanks for this Angela
Hi Michael
154 Fairfax please
Mr William Herbert lived there. Opposite at no. 153 were Harold James George William Medlock (builder) and Wallace Hooton Ltd builders merchant yard.

Isn't there a shop on Green Lane called Medlock (lighting)?
The thread is now temporarily closed until I get back from my hols.

Back from the Black Sea and open for business again
Oh good. Hope you enjoyed the trip. Can you say who was living at 22 Umfreville?
Mr Arthur Ernest Affleck (ancestor of Ben I wonder?)
Michael, I've been meaning to drop you a note for ages now. Not sure if you're still offering your services to check who lived in people's houses in 1935, but if you are, Nigel and I would love to find out who lived in 43a and 43b Endymion Road. No worries if you're closed for business now!
Sorry about the long delay in getting back to you - must have slipped by me. Oddly 43 is not shown as occupied. However 42 was Jonathan Kitchen and 44 Herbert William Brenchley who was a photographer



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