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When we first moved into our house, we found a Kelly's post office directory from 1935 in the attic which I unearthed again today. It lists all the addresses in the then Hornsey borough and who was the head of household.

Our house was occupied by Arthur Jackson for instance. What is also fascinating is that there was a synagogue on Wightman Road (the current church opposite the mosque) and a lot of residents with German or jewish names living on the ladder (remember, this was 1935).

The unfortunate resident of 26 Priory Gardens N6 was one Mrs Hitler, who I'm sure changed her name by 1939.

If you want to know who lived in your house or anyother address in 1935, just let me know.

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Who lived in 77 Allison Road N8 Michael. The current incumbent was born there and Williamson Road was named after one of his relatives.
He`s very involved in Community issues
It was a Frederick William West (father, grandfather?). There were also 27 other households headed up by someone called West in the borough including a few on the Ladder.
When I was a kid we knew a 'Mrs Williamson', who lived on Allison Road (She worked as a 'Playground Attendant' at Woodlands Park School in the early 1960s). Is she perhaps listed? And with a forename? That would be great help and could be the key for me to find out more about what ever happened to her..

Regarding the Mrs Hitler.. AH had a (half) brother who lived in the U.K.
Perhaps that was his wife?
No Williamson on Allison but the listing is only for the head of the household so may have been in her father's name if she lived in the family home. There was a William Thomas Williamson at 71 Falkland, Jesse Williamson at 11b Hampden Road and Percival Albert Williamson of 60 Umfreville Road

On the Hitler front, Priory Gardens is (and I'm sure was) in the posh end of the borough. I wonder if there is anyway of finding out?
Michael, any names for 69 Wightman Rd?
James Holiday in 69, Mr David J Scripps at 71, George Hooper at 73 and the very grand Harringey Academy of Music, Principal Mr Edward Slaughter at no.75. Over the road to you at 96 was Dr George A Campbell, LRCP, LRCS, LM, physician and surgeon who you could ring on Mountview 1278. Wightman was obviously top end of the market then!
Hi Michael

I have looked at who lived in my house (96 Beresford Rd) in the 1901 census and would be interested to see if the same family lived there in 1935. The head of house was a George Ellis and he lived there with his wife and three children. A Charles Mears a solicitors clerk was a lodger..

I've got a printout of the 1901 census for numbers 94 to 102 Beresford Rd and 105, 107 + 109 for 1901. If anyone would like to know.
It was George Frederick Manning.

There are George Ellis's living at 20 Alexandra Terrace and 42 Hillfield Road N8 but no indication if theye are connected. There are two George Mears listed - one at 11 Eastwood Road in Muswell Hill and one at 8 Rectory Gardens N8.

Again, a few German and jewish names come up on Beresford Road as they do in the other Ladder Roads. (in Beresford there were Kolbert, Denchfald, Benscher and Schneeburger living in the road). As there was a synagogue nearby it makes me wonder - did the jewish/German population arrive because there was a synagogue or vice/versa? There was a huge movement of jewish people from Germany after Hitler came to power but why this concentration in Harringay? Does anyone know of a jewish history group who might be interested to dig deeper?

Also, there may be an early indication of Greek or Greek Cypriot people settling here. A Menelas Pangalos lived at 128.

Business was alive in your street . Francis William Ernest Lawrence had a greengrocer shop at 138
Mrs Bridges - probably not the one from Upstairs Downstairs
93 Allison Road, if you would be so kind Michael, oh and 131 Effingham, as we are hopefully moving there soon. Many thanks.
93 Allison was a certainWilfred Owen Boulton and 131 Effingham, Mrs E King
Much appreciated. I think you have a valuable source of interest there Michael.



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