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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Time Out suggests
30 ways to be a better Londoner

I've got one more for them
Put your rubbish in the bin!

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leave newspapers and books on the tube/ train for others?

do they not realise that this is one of the things the transport companies hate most!
Yes, that one was a bit surprising.
I hate getting on a tube and it being strewn with papers but maybe there could be a kind of 'reverse Metro stand' where you put your papers and books at the end of a journey at a station so that other people can pick them up.
Perhaps it can be combined with a little 'bookcrossing'
I don't see any excuse for not putting a Metro in a recycling bin - there are newspaper specific ones at every station (I think) - even entire streets in Central London with them. Although I have seen people putting them in a waste bin when they have to walk past a recycling bin anyway, which is a bit of a waste.
Support your local grocer ?

500g cornflakes at local grocer - £1.87
500g cornflakes at Sainsbury's - 97 p

I do try to shop local but only for same - price items such as papers, milk etc, and for cheaper items such as oddly-shaped peppers .

It's not that simple.
John, I think its okay to mix it up, to buy the basics in the supermarket and support the local shops by buying decent bread, interesting veg and yummy chocolate (Russian shop, dark choc from belarus) as well as papers etc locally. Anyone who buys supermarket meat when they have Baldwin's is crazy (although I appreciate price may be a factor). I like the fact that I can get good specialized ingredients as well. You also have more of a choice over how much packaging you get when you shop for fruit and veg locally although the tendancy for the local grocers to dole out plastic bags blindly, forcing you to yell 'no bag' like an eco loony can be irritating!
I'm one of the people who welcomes newspapers being left on a tube. I guess the publishers must take tube rider papers into account when they calculate their circulation. Wonfer how many times an average Metro is read.
Oh Hugh... please try to be more discerning about what you read. Anette has me worried about how I look leaving the house now so you could please do something for the rest of us and worry about what you read. If you're that concerned with what the other half are up to, buy the Daily Mail.
How about we ban Metro/London Lite and all the other free papers.

My local tube station today had 9 different vendors outside it shoving free papers in your face, and about 100 discarded papers swirling around on the pavement between them. It was completely ridiculous.

If you want a paper, buy one. Maybe then you'll even take it home with you...



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