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Ladder Community Safety Partnership Meeting on the 12th June. Your last chance at consultation on Wood Green?

I normally post agenda and minutes for this in the Warham group. (One day perhaps the secretary will come onto the site and keep us updated personally, I live in hopes) but I thought given that the agenda is being changed to incorporate discussion on the Wood Green proposals that it might be wise to make a main forum post.
The NEXT MEETING will be on Thursday, 12th June , 2008 at St. Paul’s Church Hall, top of Cavendish Road at 7.30pm.
Hugh has spoken to the chair, Ian, this morning who is keen to talk about the SPD traffic implications, so if you are concerned about this, please go along. This will be the only chance you get before the 25th June to express an opinion in person, given that the 'official' days are past. The more people attend the better.

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Bummer, I can't make it. I'll let you speak for me, I'm pretty sure we agree. :)
I will not be there either, I'm afraid, but you can still email Ian with your opinions and cc to the local councillors.
Ian Sygrave at lcsp@blueyonder.co.uk.

Ward Councillor Contact Details
Harringay Ward
Cllr Gina Adamou (Lab)

Cllr Karen Alexander (Lib Dem)
Phone: 020 8348 3892
Mobile: 07875 490055

Cllr Carolyn Baker (Lib Dem)
Mobile: 07890 758659

St Ann’s Ward
Cllr Nilgun Canver (Lab)
Phone: 020 8352 2426

Cllr Brian Haley (Lab)
Phone: 020 8340 3260

Cllr Bob Harris (Lab)
Phone: 020 8374 6709
Or you could try and fill in the online consultation form, so far 0 people appear to have left comments.



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