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Has anyone looked at the Draft Plan [consultation] documents on the Haringey website. There seems to be an impetus in the Council to make traffic flow through the Shopping City - and consequently down Green Lanes - more difficult. For those travelling north-south the rat run effect will push them through the new link road and down Wightman Road. Or maybe that's part of the Plan?

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On the topic of consultation, I'm afraid the 'consultation days' were in the middle of May in Shopping City. As far as I can see, no other days for Harringay are planned. You can however 'view' the document in the Wood Green library although the press release does not make clear what form of feedback, if any, is being collected from this. Your only other way to have your say now is online. Checking last night, there appears to a grand total of 0 comments on this. It is of course "a model of good communication" accessible to the diverse community of Haringey. This consultation ends on June 27th and then I imagine that will be considered it. No major objections, therefore approved by residents.
Local residents groups, (as well as HOL), on the Ladder would be advised to pick this up as soon as possible and speak to their members about this. Perhaps a joint public meeting to form a Ladder wide response?
Otherwise, I fear the Council will simply go ahead and any attempts to revise it will be discounted because it is outside the consultation period.
Lots to talk about at the 'drinks' tomorrow night then.

I suggest a copy of draft letter response put up by Hugh is taken to the 'drinks' for people to look at. And a separate sheet of paper for people to sign, supporting Hugh's statement, if they agree to it.

Then put up on this site to gather more 'signatures'.

Finally, decide on which avenue to use to communicate signed statement/petition to council re. WG consultation. Do we want a councillor (for eg.) to present it or do we simply add it to online comment box for the consultation? I prefer both actually!

Are you happy Liz to bring along items tomorrow night? (ie. Hugh's suggested statement & petition sheet)

Please see below copied and pasted from the Haringey site:


"Have your say
Haringey is now launching a wider consultation on the SPD, and all views will be taken into account when the council draws up the final document.

You can view the consultation exhibition and copies of the SPD, and offer your feedback at Wood Green library on the first floor.

Or you can download the SPD from the attached files section below, or view a paper copy at the reception of River Park House, 225 High Road, N22 8HQ.

Alternatively you can use our online consultation tool (external link) to send us your views online.

The consultation closes on Wednesday 25 June 2008."
There are a couple of things here. There's a petition, which is one useful way of communicating with the Council, but never the MOST effective on its own, particularly with Haringey who aren't particularly prone to listening.

More effective, I believe, would be the residents' associations working together to submit what would be seen as a more formal response which would very likely carry more weight.

The ideal will be to have both things. I've written to all three RAs to see if they're interested in collaboratig on a response - a real test, in my mind, about their willingnes to set any sense of 'turf' aside and work collaboratively in the interests of the residents. I'll let you know if I get any response and what it is.

Happy to bring things along to the pub tomorrow, but any petition will probbaly need a lot more work that that - we'd need to put it on-line and even better have some people out on the streets as well.
Have the local councillors been informed of the concerns? As 'champions' of the wards, they should also be involved.
Petitions do have their place of course, but I am in agreement with Hugh that an effective response will be better from all the residents groups in the areas likely to be affected.
As residents we have often been very slow to respond to these 'consultation exercises' in the past and my experience has been that the standard response when issues are challenged later is, "It was in the consultation", or in other words, "you had your chance, too late to come whinging now". If people are serious in their objections, then the time is now to act.
I've sent an email to councillors - but that's not enough, everyone concerned should do the same
Thanks Hugh re. bringing stuff to pub.

Agree about RA response but time is of the essence.

Councillor involvement at some point is a must.
I had a mail this morning from a member pointing out that I's incorrectly stated the response due date as 27th June. I should have said 25th June. Thank you G.
After WightmanPaul's response, I registered online to give feedback. You can do the same here:

The section regarding "bus only" High Road is under section 7.3 and you can leave a comment.
That's great Colin, I posted a link to the on-line consultation on 3rd June. I think you're the first person to use it.
Whatever the effectiveness of individual response or small group petition to this wider consultation, I'm sure the only place and time to hammer out anything like a whole Ladder community response is at tomorrow night's monthly meeting of the LCSP. Gareth's response, together with the initial analysis by Wightman Paul and others, should be on the table as a kicking-off point along with any proposals already worked out by Ian Sygrave and other regular LCSP participants, as well as whatever transpired at last night's 'drinks'.

With Hugh and Liz, I think it's time to say to hell with 'turf'. The LCSP is/are the only whole Ladder body with some proven 'inside track record' with councillors, cabinet members and officers on other issues, and with some recognition at whole Council level.

Not everyone on this site may agree with that. Not everyone in the LCSP over the past (?) eight years may feel totally sanguine about teaming up with harringayonline. Maybe a successful joint outing on this consultation will produce a mutual appreciation of complementary strengths.
Can anyone help me - I go to click so that I can sign the petition but it seems blocked. Is it just me.



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