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Alroy Road - over capacity of building plot (HMO?) please help....


I hope that you can help. The (non-resident) landlord of the premises next to my home has appealed against the demolition of his outhouse which he recently erected without planning premission. It's a single storey brick construction with a flat roof, seperate rooms and uPVC door and windows and has been painted, therefore, in my opinion, intended for habitable use. As soon as the construction commenced I informed the council (this was Jan 2007). The building is almost the entire plot of the back garden. It overlooks my property and over shadows my neighbours garden.
We have read on this site before that there is an increase in HMOs in our neighbourhood, often exploiting poorer residents who have to live in sub standard accommodation. This landlord is only concerned with maximising the profit from rent from his housing plot wiithout any regard to his neighbours or tenants. It of course also puts off potential purchasers or tenants for our homes in the future.

I would be grateful if you would also appeal on the following link below. It can be very quick, even something like, "I am concerned about the increase in HMO/ over capacity of housing plots in my area, exploiting poorer residents by providing sub standard accommodation."

In case that there is a problem with the link, the appeal no. is 2068405

I have photocopied the letter from the coucil and sent to all my neighbours. I was thinking about starting a petition also. If you have any more ideas or experiences I would be very grateful of your help.

Many thanks.


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Hi all,

Thought I would update you on this. They commenced the demolition of the outhouse at the back of 11 Alroy Rd today. Thought it would be a long drawn out process with the landlord out of the country.
Thanks for all your support, Harringayonliners! Cllr Alexander and David Lammy.
There is hope for all you others suffering on your roads.
Keep up the fight!
I attach a pic to show the progress
Thats great would you please post a picture of the scumlandlords face so i can have a nice little laugh at him.
Well as long as I don't come face to face with him I don't care, ha, ha! Shame a nosey neighbour moved in next door to his property, but at least his workmen have benefited in wages. I watched them put it up and now take it down. Not very sustainable or low carbon footprint"y" on ole mother earth, but if it's kept a few people in work for a while and he's out of pocket, then it's been worth it.
A very good result, Colin.
Now, if your neighbour had had the foresight to build his house from Lego, like James May's two-storey house in Dorking, it would have been so much easier to dismantle - and he could have recycled the bricks.
Ha, ha....now you see, if he had been a Harringayoliner, he wouldn't have had all this headache and he would have got brilliant advice!



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