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I have just been told by my girlfriend that an old geezer was walking his dog and stood and watched as it took a leak on my motorcycle cover! Unbelievable.

Actually it was the cover, the security chain and its lock, the very bits I touch every day with my hands. I can't believe the cheek of it, I mean it's not like there aren't any trees or lamposts. I will now be standing guard of an evening ready to pounce.

The description is of a sausage dog and an elderly man (certainly not a gentleman!). Artist impression to follow.

Remember, this is an isolated incident. Don't have nightmares.

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Love the tags line Fippo.
It feels good to get it off my chest!
I watched a large bloke with two dogs on Duckett's common this evening... he scratched one's tummy and ignored the other as it laid an enormous turd in the grass by the fence at the bottom of Lausanne Rd. I didn't even take a picture... what the hell would I do with it?
I got that all the time when my bike was parked right next to a tree and a few feet from a lamp post. So I moved it into the front yard and now what do I get? Foxes and cats, and the odd drunk or two. Aside from that, my dog is a bitch and I get really fed up with people allowing their dogs to mark my property in every way, solid and liquid.
I suppose it's illegal to have a mild electric current wired up to piss-prone areas...? But imagine the fun!!!!
The thought had crossed my mind Anette!



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