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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In trying to get support from our local concilllors to improve the description of our area on Haringey's website Councillor Canver has given a statement on the name of our area:

We've discussed and we have agreed to call the area Harringay Green Lanes and Too much emphasis on Harringay confuses everyone with the borough Haringey and I’m afraid it refers to the Harringay ward and excludes the Gardens and other target areas.

'other target areas' refers to what the map on the main page includes as Harringay that's neither Gardens nor Ladder.

I have written seeking clarification, but as yet have recieved no reply.

So, if people were confused about where Harringay is, perhaps it's no wonder. The Council wants to keep all variants of the name for the Borough. Now maybe, as the councillor says, you're all happy about that. For my money, it's not on.

Almost exactly 100 years ago the Municipal Borough of Hornsey tried to rename our area Haringey. The Harringay Ratepayers' Association mounted a campaign and successfully overturned that nonsense. Perhaps the zealous flame of our forebears no longer burns so brightly..................??

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