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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Finsbury Park's in Harringay Ward, but it doesn't feel like it..........

.......(yes, I am it again).

Well, look, it's just that the whole park's in our ward, supposedly in our manor, on our patch, but what do we get by way of entry access? A little gateway right on the edge of the borough boundary on Green Lanes.

I suppose it's because the north eastern part of the park is separated from the rest by the new river and that part is used as a baseball pitch.

Call me an old loon, do, but I think we'd feel much more like the park was in our manor if we had a Harringay entrance. I've often said that it's a shame that we have no major public space in Harringay. So, having grumbled to myself about how there ought to be a Harrringay Gate, I thought about that baseball bit of the park on the corner of Endymion. I don't want the guys to lose their pitch, but it could easly be resited and then we could create a public space for Harringay in that corner........maybe a nice little bridge over the river - now much of it's open to the public anyway, there's no need to keep it fenced off any more.

So, am I just a loon or does this idea appeal to anyone else?

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There`s a Running Club that use the track. Think its North London Harriers but not sure of the name. If you talk to Liz I assume you know of them.

(not Liz in the Kids group here on this site as previously mentioned but Liz Leverton)

They must Road run. Most Road and Cross Country runners use the track for interval training.

Used to do it myself in my younger years
You're at the bottom of a hill and it's always been poorly drained. If there were more gates you would be able to suck in more spectators and sell more hotdogs. One on the corner of Endymion and Green Lanes would be a start.
Coach Neil, thanks for the infomation - I'll be looking at that area of the park in a different way now. It seems like you're doing an amazing job!!!!
Well after being thoroughly chastened by the coach, you all seem to have dropped like a hot chestnut the idea that you all had previously approved of (except Liz)... and that is...

That there should be a Harringay Gate on to a Haringey (run) park.

Yes, Neil does a great job and all that, but that has nowt to do with the absence of a gate.

Even the narrow little gate on to Green Lanes that I remember using all those years ago, could also be opened up. Perhaps even laid back a little bit with a wrought iron surround with name. It wouldn't take that much effort to make the park a part of the area it has now become a part of, or would it?
I still favour getting the American Gardens side opened out and more use made of it. A quality 'mobile cafe' like the ones in town would encourage people to use it and give the small playground more traffic. Some lovely big gates, a posh path and a few benches and name it 'Harringay Gate'
I seem to always agree with Liz...
I agree with the thoughts of others about a proper Harringay Gate, but not sure if there will be the will to get it done.
I also think that it would make more sense to utilise the small playground area some more as it is fairly quiet. Not sure if anyone would tender for a mobile Cafe licence as trade would be very sporadic. Perhaps this is something to put to one side until a Harringay Gate can be out in place.
Hasn't the cafe got a monopoly on food sales in the park? (Except for event days)
Thanks for chivying us up on this one Steve. I certainly haven't droppped the idea.

I went past the softball park this morning and saw it all chained up. Could the coach please tell us what the public access arrangements are? I can understand that you'd want to protect it, but it does mean that we're all locked out. How public is that?
Anne, have you got a link for us..? with membership details etc.,

I'd be really interested to know what happened to the Model Village in the park.. I loved it as a kid. Was it vandalised? when did it go?

Not only that, its origins as well.. and do you have any photos? or perhaps a postcard photo? I've never ever seen any about.
thanks Hugh, I didn't expect such a fast response!



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