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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Finsbury Park's in Harringay Ward, but it doesn't feel like it..........

.......(yes, I am it again).

Well, look, it's just that the whole park's in our ward, supposedly in our manor, on our patch, but what do we get by way of entry access? A little gateway right on the edge of the borough boundary on Green Lanes.

I suppose it's because the north eastern part of the park is separated from the rest by the new river and that part is used as a baseball pitch.

Call me an old loon, do, but I think we'd feel much more like the park was in our manor if we had a Harringay entrance. I've often said that it's a shame that we have no major public space in Harringay. So, having grumbled to myself about how there ought to be a Harrringay Gate, I thought about that baseball bit of the park on the corner of Endymion. I don't want the guys to lose their pitch, but it could easly be resited and then we could create a public space for Harringay in that corner........maybe a nice little bridge over the river - now much of it's open to the public anyway, there's no need to keep it fenced off any more.

So, am I just a loon or does this idea appeal to anyone else?

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I suppose that the council would say that the tiny gate on Endymion Rd (near the zebra crossing) is the official Harringay gate.

I agree that there could / should be something more substantial in recognition of its Harringay status.

I was a bit surprised to hear that the whole park is Haringey as it really borders Islington & Hackney as well. As I understand it (probably incorrectly) the reason that Islington couldn't hold their firework display there instead of at Highbury fFields was that the park had joint jurisdicion between Haringey & Islington. This was however some years ago when I lived in Islington.

Although there should be a path frpm the Green Lanes / Harringay corner, I feel that it is unlikely to happen as any thing that would prevent the games may result in a loss of income / rent from the softball teams that lease the land.
There is nothing other than a bunch of angry cricketers to stop people wandering across the racecourse at Alexandra Park during a game. It works fine.
...until you get a ball in the back of your head... LOL
The Islington firework display that was held in our park, was held here because Health and Safety said it was getting too big for Highbury Fields. So they hired the park from Haringey and held it here instead. Right behind my house on a very windy night. There were various H&S issues that arose from that. Too close to houses, too low, too windy. Islington have never had their firework display here again and the official firework site has now been moved down towards the bowling alley.
See the story I just posted in the Local News section. Seems like a storm's a brewin' on who should manage the park - a campaign may be staarting to give Islington & Hackney a joint role with Haringey in running the park. Grief, we need to carve our little corner off quicktime!
I feel sure that the 'old loon' who posted this will be only too happy to eat his words. I tried to tell him!
Have included your info re playday in the calendar and would appreciate any info about activities. I have created an area in the group Kid Stuff for details of any thing related to the LondonMets which I am happy to mail out to my members.
Coach Neil,
I have to say that impresses me hugely. How can I have worked this area for over 12 years and never heard this.
The parks staff have never said anything. I knew `Soft Ball` was played there but never knew the extent of what you do.
Reading between the lines its more Hackney than Haringey based as Boroughs go but who cares.
What are demarcation lines where people are concerned
Neil, we're just discussing. We're not planning or on the verge of lobbying.

I think discussions of this sort by people who live in the area about their area should be encouraged, not seen as a threat. You've now come into the debate, provided some valuable new info. and that's good.

My experience of most discussion on his site has been that people tend to seek put facts and in general come to rational conclusions. It's good to have you as part of the process.

Landlords of dodgy HMOs and the like, I hope do feel threatened. Someone like you doing a grand job shouldn't and I hope don't feel threatened by this process.
Hi Coach Neil

I have often wondered what was going on in the ball park as it looks pretty exciting, now I know and it clearly is very exciting. I for one am very impressed by your good work and do not see the need to open up another gate. The park is big enough for us all and walking a few hundred yards to the existing gates is no great hardship, particularly if it allows your teams to get on with winning stuff.

It would be fab if you could perhaps inform us of upcoming events via this site so we locals could come and cheer you on.
I'm very glad I invited you to comment Neil. It sounds like you're truly shocked. My apologies, but as I said to you, I was just flying a kite.

You've made a very strong case for the club. Like GK/OD, I knew none of your story. It sounds like you've done a sterling job. My heartfelt congratulations to you.

So, it sounds like it's hands-off Coach Neil's patch - unless some rich benefactor turns up with a dream new site for him and his troop - then all bets are off.

Neil, you say that facilities are shared with other park users. Can you share with us exactly what the status is. Are the public free to enter and use the space at any time or are there reasons that make that impossible?

I hope the result of this discussion Neil has been a broader local awareness of what you're doing and I hope good will come of it for you and your group. Always better to discuss things openly I believe than not.
In the nicest possible way... you can't do anything in there in winter with those back stops and the terraforming that base/softball seems to require. Alexandra Park play football and cricket on their ground.

I'm also envious that you seem to be able to get young people to take up softball when cricket is increasingly becoming a 14/40 game.... nobody over 14, nobody under 40...

Good luck but like I mentioned, with the terraforming and what it was before, nobody is going to take that site from you.
Neil, I`m sure the members on this site will support you and pass this on also. I would imagine kids would love to watch.

Contact Liz in the Kids group here



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