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Looking at Flower's picture of Beresford Road on VE day and Stephen H's pictures, it occurs to me that there must be lots of people on the site who have important memories of Harringay. A picture may be worth a thousand words but it is nice to read about who was in the picture, the atmosphere, how people felt...
I have only been here 10 years and have seen many changes . We have site members who were here in the 40s/50s/60s etc and must have lots to tell us. I was wondering if they would like to write up some of their personal memories, maybe in their blogs or in the history of Harringay group. This site could be a v important repository for collecting the modern history of this area.

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Thanks for picking up on our e-conversation and posting this Liz. I do hope others will be interested.

(For other members - In a recent email exchange with Liz I commented that Flower had sent me a mail brimming with wartime memories, but that it struck me that many people feel their memories are of no interest to others. I wrote to Flower to let her know that I and probably many others on the site would be very interested.)

It's great to have your voice added to the chrous Liz. And I see that you now also have a comment exchange with Flower and it looks promising.

I'd asked Stephen H for some simillar oral history and was delighted when he posted.

I've also posted to the various local school groups on Friends Reunited, following s suggestion by Flower.

If any of you know of any other locals or emigres who may have simillar local histories to share, I'd really love to hear from them, no matter how insignificant or uninteresting they feel their contributions are.

In the longer-term, I'm trying to get a recorded oral hstories project off the ground.
I think it is very important that people realise that their memories are the social history of this area and that it is important that it is not lost. As part of my studies last year, I was required to find out about the war memorials in my local area and for me it was a powerful reminder of the importance of looking at what is around us and realising that people's lives and what they live through (or died to preserve) really matter and should be recorded and celebrated.
That sounds fascinating - does that mean the local area you live in? Is there anything you can share with us on this?
Is there anything you can share with us here on the site Hugh (e.g. Flower's memories) or are you keeping those for your longer term 'project'?
No, I'm not keeping them back. But they were sent to me by email and rather than just publishing them, my response was to ask Flower if she'd care to write up some memories to post here. I kinda feel that they're hers to share and it would be both polite and more appropriate to let her share them herself.
Hugh has done a grand job of writing up the history of Harringay and creating a fascinating archive of images but he is right, Matt, that people's memories should be recorded and published by them. It is also important to remember that the recent past is as valuable as the more distant and everyone's memories hold fascination. As a long time resident yourself, Matt, you have things to share with us.
(If I could remember a damn thing about the 'Battle of Green Lanes' 5 years ago which I walked home through after an afternoon in the Beaconsfield I would write it up but all I saw was a load of police cars and some large groups of men hanging about so I went home to find my Mum trying to contact me after hearing about it on the news! )
In the end I did a short piece on Wood Green war memorial, examining form and function but the point for me was that like so many people I had walked past it many times without 'seeing' it and it was only when I spent some time photographing it and making notes on it, that I became curious about the 'stories' behind the things around me. Thanks to that module of work, I've been looking around and 'seeing' the history in my local environment ever since.
Of course, it doesn't have to be written memories. People's photos with a short explanation would be good too as I know that not everyone feels confident about writing long pieces (although I don't think people should worry about 'style' etc. it is the content that matters).
I'd also like to bet there are people here with photos from the 70s and 80s which I would also like to see. Come on people, scan 'em in and show us those sideburns and flares, ra- ra skirts and skinny jeans.
At last, I have found this group!!

Stephen H and Anna - I've left messages for you on other fora (?) re NHPS/Harringay during WW2 etc. Hopefully you'll see them.



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