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Did you, your parents, grandparents or even friends or neighbours go to North Harringay School in Falkland Road?

If so, the PSA would love to hear from you. The school is celebrating the re-installment of its old school bell next month and is organising an exhibition of the school's history as part of the event.

If you have (or know anyone who has) any personal memories or photographs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I was a pupil at North Harringay from 1945 to 1951 and have one class photo that could be used. Please send an email address for the PSA so I can forward this.

Have you enquired of "North Harringay" on Friends Reunited?
Hi I attended South Harringay school from 1950-55 and North Harringay school from 1955-61 Oh Happy memories ,I remember the headmaster at North Harringay was Mr J Roberts and a few of the teachers .Alas i Havn't got any photo's from either of these schools from that time ,but if anybody has I would love to see them Thanks Les Rappe
You weren't in this photo were you, Les?
Mr J Roberts, who lived at Bayford, Herts, later became the head of my school..

He made me a 'school prefect'* and in October 1969 took a selected group of us 'clever ones' on a trip to Coventry Cathedral in our school mini-bus, which he drove.

If I think back now as an adult - I get the impression he was quite frustrated with his job or the lack of resonance from many of the pupils.. If he's still living, he'd be about 90 to 100 now... although I doubt if he's still around..

* higher than a house prefect (I know, I'm a snob)



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