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This from the Haringey Independent:

A new controlled parking zone (CPZ) could soon come into effect in Crouch End.

Consultation is due to start in May on the proposals for the CPZ after requests from residents following the introduction of two new zones over the borough border in Islington, which have caused displacement parking.

A steering group of residents is currently working with Haringey Council to devise the boundaries of the potential CPZ.

Councillor Brian Haley, cabinet member for environment and conservation, said: "I fully understand residents' frustration over the increased parking pressures they are facing.

"But we want to make sure that any CPZ we introduce in Crouch End is an effective scheme which will not simply shift these parking problems over to other residential roads.

"We hope this will be achieved by involving local people in drawing up these plans, but we also want to consult very thoroughly on the proposals to ensure we produce the best possible scheme."

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Why shouldn’t the more affluent of the borough pay for CPZs when the rest of us do and have been doing so for years? It deters commuters and last shoppers from using their cars.

The congestion is just as bad in Crouch End and Muswell Hill as it is in the decent side of the tracks.

It appears to me that there are better services in the richer side of Haringey. The comprehensive recycling scheme was introduced in Highgate & Crouch End, why? I complained that I wanted it for Ally Road and hey presto four months later we got it : )

I does make me laugh when the twig carving shops of Crouch End don’t want them as it may affect their businesses, most of them are rich ladies hobbies anyroad : o



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