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48 Grand Parade has a Licensing appication next Monday. BUT they also have a planning application lodged which will need to go through if they are to be successful in setting up their business.

If you are against another betting / gambling shop on Green Lanes, it's easy to make a short representation online against planning permission for 48 Grand Parade .

This a second planning application. The applicants previously applied in the summer and were refused. The grounds for their refusal given by the Council are:

"The proposed development would be harmful to the attractiveness, vitality and viability of the district shopping centre and injurious to the amenity at present enjoyed by adjacent occupiers by reason of noise, litter and nuisance contrary to Policies TCR1 'Development in
Town and Local Shopping Centres' and UD3 'General Principles' of the Haringey Unitary Development Plan."

So if you can make a representation, there are some good clues there about the sort of grounds you can use to object.

To make a reprsentation online, go to Haringey Council Website - Planning Application for 48 Grand Parade and click on "Comment on Application". It'll take 5 minutes of your time.

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Thanks Hugh.
It looks like it isn't too late to raise objection to the proposed betting office that looks set to open at 32-33 Grand Parade by 'Better' either. There is a hearing being held about the the licensing application to turn these premises into a betting office on 20th December at 7.30pm at the Civic Centre, High Road, N22.

Sadly it is too late to make a formal representation. That closed back in October. Many people on this site signed a e-petition set up by the site as part of the representation against the licence. You can see any gambling licence applications still open for comment on the Haringey Council page - go via the planning & gambling licences page on this site (see navigation panel on main page)

But people can still come along to the Civic Centre to make it clear to the committee what the strength of feeling is. It all helps.



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