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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

....if you select the Wikipedia layer from the panel bottom left of your Google Earth window. (Click the "+" by "Geographic Web", then tick "Wikipedia").

But it's all a mystery to me as to what Goo Glearth decides to pick up and what it doesn't. Harringay and many of the "towns" around were all given place-names on the standard layer - many in the wrong place. Now most of the London placenames have disappeared. Oh, except a marker for the London Borough of Haringey which they have somewhere near the Emirates Stadium.

By mid December, if you also tick your Panoramio layer on Goo Glearth, there should be a whole bunch of Harringay pictures showing up too.

Yeah, ok, so I've got too much time on my hands right now.

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I guess you have seen the more detailed aerial photos that Microsoft (maps.live.com) have got now with 'Birds Eye View''? They are at an angle rather than vertically down also, and almost close enough to check out your roof tiles (and certainly good enough to check out the roof garden on North Harringay Primary School).
The aerial imagery is probably a couple of years older than the Birds Eye view so you if you look at the old and new Arsenal stadiums you can see one appear out of a run-down industrial estate, and one being supposedly converted into flats (though it looks like a bomb has hit it as hardly anything is left). (Turn 3D, Aerial, and Birds Eye to 'on').
Wow, that's incredible. Love the 360 views. Thanks.



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