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Here is a reply I have recived to a letter I wrote to Councillor Hayley with some observations about the Sainsbury's traffic and some suggestions:

Thank you for your email below. The Council has been successful in securing funding from the Arena Estate development to improve Green Lanes at its junction with Williamson Road and Endymion Road.

The associated highway works were completed last year and DTO are currently upgrading the traffic signals at the junction of Endymion Road. These works are anticipated to be completed by early December 2007.

The traffic controller, signal heads and posts at Williamson Road are due to be upgraded by DTO early in the New Year. The signals at Williamson Road will be linked with the Endymion Road signals which should improve efficiency, safety and increase capacity. As part of the upgrade we will also be extending the yellow box to the northbound direction. We will continue to monitor the junction after the outstanding works are completed and further measures will be considered if necessary.

Please note that both junctions are currently running on the old signal timings and we expect the capacity of both junctions to be improved when the new controllers are installed.

I hope this has answer your query and please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Demos Kettenis tel. 020 8489 1704 who’s group is responsible for the Highways works.

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And it so happens that today I noticed a "Traffic Plan" for the Arena site by the owners Wildmoor Properties. This relates to planning application they submitted for a health centre on the (currently) unused corner block of the Arena building. Plan attatched (but it's large at 2.2 MB) - see planning update for more info
Health Centre, corner site? Only thing I've noticed going in there is the sandwich bar Subway, an American franchise. Guess that could be a new government initiative/twist on the health centre format. ;)
Im amazed that their argument is that the use of land as a health and fitness centre will reduce the amount of cars coming to the shopping park. Its just going to add to the number of cars coming there already. They need a different strategy to reduce the awful congestion already occurring in green lanes.
Mmm......could be, but I think the health centre will take up a large part of the upper floor.
Oh, upstairs. OK.

Shariya, you're right, health centre users are just as likely to use their cars, ironically.

I try to avoid the area during weekends as the place is a nightmare of congestion!
I once made the mistake of going to Arena park mid-day on a Saturday by car, and got caught in traffic for over an hour. This was for a journey that shouldn't have taken more than 5 - 10 minutes. Perhaps I'm being obtuse, but I'm not quite sure however as to what difference the location of the gym being upstairs or downstairs has on the impact on lessening the traffic. Either way its going to increase the traffic I think. However, don't get me wrong I am not a die-hard anti-capitalist. I like the fact that we now have local shops to go to instead of having to go to Woodgreen, I just feel that more planning should have gone into the congestion problem we already face, and have been facing for years now.
The case presented by Arena Estates was that health centre users create less traffic. I think it's all in the attatchment. I think this was chiefly based on the time of day the users visit, apparently not peak times. I wonder about that and also would have thought that they're likley to park for longer.
It would depend on the type of clientelle but I'd imagine a large section of their custom would be from folk dropping in at the end of a working day (ie. peak times) but they come off the tube/bus/trains.

The number of parking spaces provided were slashed thanks to pressure from certain 'community representatives' hence the bottleneck around parking that we now have. The idea of getting people out of cars is a good one but doesn't sometimes work in practice.
"parking spaces provided were slashed thanks to pressure from certain 'community representatives'. Really. Do you know who "represented" us on this?
That would be interesting to know Hugh. Well, at least the timing on the traffic lights around the shopping park will be changing. How, I don't know the exact details of, but at least the Council is aware of te problem and are taking some effort to lessen the congestion. We'll have to wait and see if it actually works. I've just driven past the Park yesterday evening and also noticed as you rightly pointed out that there are two levels on the remaining unoccupied unit left. Does this mean that the health centre will be upstairs and another retail outlet at the bottom?
Yes Shariya, as I undertsand it, that's what's happening.
Just a reminder that the travel plan is currently a planning application and if you have concerns, it may be worth making a representation which you can do on-line via the clickable link on the planning applications received spreadsheet at Harringay Communiy Website Planning Updates



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