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7 x nickel/chrome sash window fittings FOR SALE (donation to Make Harringay Home pls)


I recently replaced my sash windows, which meant I had to replace the nickel/chrome fittings I installed seven years ago.

Therefore I have the following up for grabs, in return for a donation  to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/make-harringay-home. About £20-30 should do it or something like that. I will ask you to post a weird number of pence so I know it's you ; )

- 7 x brushed satin nickel fitch window fastener/locks (for 7 windows) (about £5 each new)

- 7 x pairs of chrome sash window restrictors (for 7 windows) (about £10 a pair new)

Please note

- the fasteners are brushed nickel and the restrictors are shiny chrome, which was fine for me and I am quite fussy normally.

- it's important to check the fasteners will fit your windows. the depth is approx 16mm.  Happy for you to try before you buy.

- I re-used the window lifts so these are not available

Photo attached 

Let me know if you are interested.

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