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Dear lovely neighbours,

Hope all is well.

We have been undergoing major refit of the ex postoffice store which we are hoping to open June/July. With a major refit and uplift of a brand new brasserie concept sister company of Dobar. We have seen alot of unusual activity inside the phone box which is only being used for sexual and drug activities. 

Do we know if this phone box can be removed and the best point of contact is?

Thankyou in advance for your help.


Onic Bozoglu


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Hi Onic, I sent you a connection request



Onic, we wish you the best of luck. The first time I saw someone using a crack pipe was in that phone box!

I suspect a lot of us would be happy to see this and most/all of the phone boxes on GL removed. They are an eye sore, attract poor behavior and take up valuable footpath space. I wonder when any of them was actually last used for a phone call!

Call 999 each time you see that kind of behaviour. The police have advised that we do this as it will help increase their resources and will also show a chain of evidence that will help your cause in wanting to have it removed. I would contact the local councillors about removal to see what they advise  

Hopefully your restaurant will be a busy spot that in itself will help deter this kind of behaviour! Looking forward to it opening. 

Hi Onic

Your new business is unfortunately situated next to two gambling arcade shops, these sorts of gambling places attract the wrong sort of people. 1 is bad enough but you have two right next to you…. How you will combat this i don't know.

How Haringey council sanctioned two NEW arcade gambling shops right next to each other in this current gambling harm climate is unforgivable….

Hi, what can be done and who to contact will depend on who installed it and is it still a working phone box? If its BT (which it looks like) and working then they are responsible + suggest involving police.

If its not a working phonebox and not been working for a while and seems operator shows no intention to repair/replace then they are obliged to remove them under the planning rules that allow them to to be installed in the first place,

So you should first contact them in first instance and if they do not respond contact Haringey planning enforcement team

I have been in touch with BT concerning a box near to my place also. They were quite quick at responding and I managed to get box was cleaned but not removed. Still trying to get removed.

Good luck! 


Yes, I just got that too, and commented in it.

HI Alison,

Thankyou for sharing this with us. Some light under the tunnel :)

Have a great week everyone 




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