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4x 27” monitors all matching LG with four way monitor arm (two up two down)

hdmi and display port inputs

Was in a very technical job and they were great but no longer needed. These fit in the arm and come with power supplies but will only work as a set of four I do not have stands for them individually.

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Price and a photo would help.

Also the specs of the screen 1080p, 4K, etc would be useful

I'm also interested in hearing more info please!

Are they USB-C daisy chainable? 

These are not brand new they are few years old and hdmi dp only no USB C. I have them connected to a 4x nvidia 2060 with 4 screen outputs just fine. There are no cables but they are standard hdmi / dp ( I might have a few) graphics card not included.

I am posting a pic of a two screen setup I am keeping. The 4 is taken down. These are identical to the 4. Screens are all LED. 27EN43.

This a lot of screen and cost a fortune and were top spec but that was several years ago. it has served its purpose and I mainly want it gone as am needing space.


On price make an offer I am mainly wanting the space.

Hi, would you consider selling separately?  I might be able to accommodate 2 but not 4 (without building an extension!)

I really just want them gone they take up the same space as two it is two up two down.

i would if i had legs for the other two but these need arms as the legs are long gone.

I just need the space so if you can mount or use the other two have at it. My arm can do 2 /4

If you want 2 you can have them but you can either have the arm or they are just the screens. I really just want the space.

Hi, would you consider selling just one?


If someone takes the other three you can have one I just want them gone as a set. These need mounting on a monitor mount the ones that came with these have gone.

Ok, let me know in that case. Thanks!

Still available, can take one.

I do not, how to do the DM,

I have mobile number any help



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