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Gambling Premises at 48 Grand Parade - Application for 24 Hour Licence

Let the council have your comments, on 24 hour opening for gambling?

48 Grand Parade - Variation of condition 6 applied to application HGY/2007/2507 (hours of operation).

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Link to the application and comments


People might know this venue better as Agora, the bizarre amusement/gambling place

Hi Michael,

The link is not working, perhaps Haringey have moved the page? Would you be kind enough to re-list the new link so we can all click and comment please?

The planning website is experiencing issues according to an update on the council's website. 

Is this golden slots?

This was one of the glut of gambling premises that was was opened in Harringay between 2007 and 2014. HoL was very active in opposing the number of premises that were being opened. The application to allow 48 Grand Parade to be used as a gambling premises came in the year that HoL started. It was one of the first applications we were involved in opposing and as a result, a petition letter with 426 signatures was submitted along with 35 individual letters of objection. The petition made waves in North London's local press and was pretty unprecedented. As a result the application was refused.

The owners successfully appealed the decision just under a year later and Agora was born.

In 2009 the first application for an extension of hours was made. They requested 24 hour operation. The application was refused.

Five years later, in February 2013, the owners applied for their hpurs of operation to be extended to from 0900-2300 to 0830 to 0300. The application was refused in October of that year following a consultation exercise. 

Last May the owners again applied to extend the opening hours, this time up until 0300 hrs. The application was refused almost exactly one year ago (27/07/18).

The reasons for refusal were given as:

The proposed extension of opening hours would be unacceptable by reason of increased noise disturbance to local residents, the likely pressure for extended hours from other premises in the area and detrimental impact on the character and function of the area contrary to London Plan, Policy 4.7, Policy SP10 (2013) of Haringey’s Local Plan and DM1 of Haringey Development Management DPD (2017).

The current application is for 24 hour operation. We have to assume that there is method in their madness.

(Click the tag added below the original post to see all HoL threads on this premises. For all 48 Grand Parade planning applications, click here.)

Oh the irony! The link to the Hornsey Journal on the original post sent me to a gambling site. 

Yes, sorry. That was before I learned that we had to reproduce the info given in local paper links as the stories were never retained on their websites more than a few months. 

Don't apologise, it was very funny. 



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