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It's 40 years this week since the old St Paul's Harringay church building burnt down in one night. Ironically and unforgettably, it was on Ash Wednesday.

Thankfully no-one was seriously hurt, and the church community continues today, albeit in a new building.

If anyone has memories of the 1984 fire please message us: we are keen to compile them.

Photos here: from Paul Biggin, with thanks.

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Great set of photos. Thanks for sharing. 

What caused the fire? 

I was just going to ask that.  If the fire was deliberately started by arsonists, then the heading should be "40 years since St Paul's old church was burned down."  I was baptised in that church during the war in 1942.

Wasn't the fire on March 7th 1984? So not quite forty years!

Cause of fire: "Workmen repairing a hole in the roof".

Source: Thames News TV report, video with sound is on HoL.

What? But we used to climb the external stone stairway and jump/dare/ refuse to jump the 10 feet to the grass below ( on the Burgoyne side....us South Haringey boys.)

And now you tell me it's burned down! 

I've been away less than 60 years and this happens! Heavens above. 

It was one of three stops on the way to the Hog's Back from our Pemberton Road home...the sweetshop opposite being the second and another shop further on ( we had to double back) which had a free-standing bubble gum machine on the pavement which slid cards of footballers out.

Then a day of trainspotting.

12.15 Middy due ( IE Midland railways train expected imminently).

Hog's Back? Mountview road?

Thanks for reminding me about this, Michael. It was quite some fire!



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