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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Votes at St Anns and Hornsey tonight have produced a total of 29 anti-HDV candidates so far.  So that is the necessary more than half of the 57 Council seats, to be able to derail the Haringey Development Vehicle.  Three more wards - Harringay, Stroud Green, Bounds Green - voting tomorrow Tuesday, and the last five wards will begin shortlisting this week.

Don't have names yet but here's the map.  This is the rolling update last seen here.

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You have got my support, I would like to see Momentum change the political landscape in Haringey. Long overdue....   

Actually, I wrote that. He was just asking me for comment and has used the entire thing whilst adding in a superlative for a colleague. Gutted. (kidding).

Indeed Tom. Rather annoying that the criticism has been of exercising democracy! Very interesting paragraph in the article

“Before the Corbyn surge, many Labour parties were hollowed-out husks, the playthings of ambitious hacks, lacking roots in their local communities. Council candidates were selected at poorly attended meetings: yes, often because of stitch-ups.”

Anyone who's a Times subscriber may want to comment on that article - I get my two free reads a week but it doesn't let me comment.



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