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The 20 mph speed limit in Haringey is due to come into operation on 15 February next year.

The Council Transport Forum was recently informed that, in Islington, where a borough -wide limit has been in operation for some years -


 " Since implementation average speeds across borough have dropped from 23 to 22 mph. Average top speeds recorded have also dropped from 28 to 27 mph."

Was all the expenditure on signage and road marking money well spent ?

Can we afford it ?

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Oh stop trolling. Take your Lotus for a run down Raleigh before they put the humps back in or the kids go back to school.

As for any question of can we afford it at the moment... yes we can. Every bond that the government issues is snapped up by the Bank of England for cash, which they print. The rates of interest are eye wateringly low, going all the way back to the origins of debt and money 5,000 years ago.

Face it, you just want to drive fast in built up, residential areas.

"No I don't. Where did I say I was against a 20mph limit ? I just don't think rules and laws without enforcement work. There must be some other way.
 And a 1mph reduction in speed is laughable."

I'm suspicious of the speed reductions when they break them out like that. I would say that the road humps have a huge impact on maximum speeds.

Unless they are Jewson's lorries

What's an average top speed?

Good point. " Average" is pretty meaningless and mostly misunderstood. But it does say " top speeds recorded

I find it shocking that half the population of the UK is of below-average intelligence

I would like to see your workings to support your assertion.

Measuring peoples IQ would produce a bell-shaped graph with the majority clustered in the centre, being of average intelligence. Lets say that comprises 30%. That would leave 35% spread out in the below average range. Likewise, to maintain the average, there would be 35%  in the above average range.

So, common sense dictates that it is impossible for 50% to be of  below average  intelligence!

Your example would mean that 30% were of exactly IQ 100 - not 101 and above or 99 and below.

Possible but not very likely

In fact, 68% would lie between plus or minus one standard deviation (I vaguely remember )

If you search on average IQ you will see a real example where 68% fall into that category, having an IQ within the range of 85 to 114.

Gesture legislation.

Of course you'd like to remove road tax from 4X4's and ban pedestrians and cyclists from the roads by introducing pay as you go, so only the rich could drive?

It never ceases to amaze me how imaginative some socialists can be in thinking up punishments for their fellow citizens, and then projecting these inventions on to 'heretics' -- a bit like medieval monks tormented by sexual frustration and blaming their own nasty fantasies on women.



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