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News from the Hornsey Journal

The proposal to cut the limit from 30mph to 20mph and improve safety for Wightman Road, which links Turnpike Lane to the top of Finsbury Park at Endymion Road, is being put out for consultation by Haringey Council.

Haringey Council agreed to the consultation two weeks ago.

If the proposals receive support, the 30mph limit could be scrapped.

For quotes from various local councillors, click through to the story here

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Hang on! They said they had no control over the road as it was a TfL road, hence our appeal to TfL for a bus.

Were they lying?

What next? Stroud Green Rd? Stapleton Hall Rd? Ferme Park Rd? Crouch End Broadway?

Would it not be cheaper to just say that ALL roads in Haringey that ar not A roads are 20mph?
And another thing, the LibDems should hire OAE if they only got that many signatures on a petition. He got more for the W1 bus.
Thanks John - so long as their price is right!

I'm sure the holistic approach would be the sane and sensible one, and less costly in the long run.
At least on the local scene, the sane thing a decade ago would have been to plan the Ladder20mphZone in an integrated way - to include Wightman & Endymion but also Green Lanes through Harringay & Wood Green and Turnpike Lane (though they are A roads).

Let's hope that, with a bit of joined-up thinking(!?), the planning and consultation on extending the Ladder20Zone + a few safety additions for Wightman doesn't prejudice or make more difficult the future of our Wightman Bus Route. The 256 of us who have so far voted for a Wightman Bus must surely merit the same consideration as the 240 of us who voted for an integral Ladder 20mph Zone + the calming measures to enable that.
The TfL connection is that Haringey have to get the funding for the changes from TfL by arguing for safety improvements. Otherwise the money would have to come from Haringey coffers. The road is not one of the arteries controlled by TfL.

I think it would be a shame if the potential improvements for residents offered by the scheme are undermined by bickering about whether people like the work done by other people pushing for some spending and improvement for the Road. It is true that it has taken a number of years of pushing to get the area onto the Council's radar for improvement - much longer I would guess than to resolve problems in Crouch End or Muswell Hill. OAE is undoubtedly correct in the assertion that there should have been a coherent plan for the whole area including Green Lanes and its environs at the outset.
Would this be a good thing?...
If you live on the Road and you're fed up with noise, vibration, danger to both adults and children, in other words an erosion of quality of life then 'yes' it's a good idea. If you cycle down the Road, the risk associated with being involved in a collision is reduced as is the probability of a collision at all. If you live outside the area and use the Road as an access route to Islington or Camden then you would have to consult your social conscience.
Of course, when you moved into your house there was no noise, vibration, danger to both adults and children.. exactly like if you buy a house next to a railway, expect train noise..

If you live outside the area and use the Road as an access route to Islington or Camden then you would have to consult your social conscience... just like you do when you drive anywhere..
The traffic load has become much worse over the 22 years I've lived here, the road has been destabilised repeatedly by utility works and not re-instated adequately, a problem which is compounded by the velocity of vehicles passing over. Doh - obviously in London there is noise etc. What those of us who have been campaigning for the 20 mph are asking for is the type of amelioration measures which are seen elsewhere to rebalance the interests of residents with those of other users. As for the implication that if you choose to move somewhere where there is anti-social danger - from any cause - that you have no right to do something about it, I don't recognise that viewpoint as legitimate in the sort of democracy I want to live in. I think, on this occasion, your opinion alone would have been more helpful than your sarcasm.
It certainly wasn't sarcasm ... it was a reply to what I regard as humbug..

Are you serious in suggesting that ONLY the traffic on Wightman Road has increased over the last 22 years..??

Of course you have the right to try and do something - I don't dispute that, but what you are suggesting IMO won't solve the problem and you didn't answer about what your social-conscience tells you when you drive along Green Lanes..
Don't be defensive about using sarcasm. Humbug? I guess it's humbug for folk who don't live on the Road. Since you wish to personalise the issue, driving elsewhere? Yes, after many years of cycling I do drive. I drive down many 'calmed' residential streets. You seem to have missed the point here. It's simple. The world has changed over the past couple of decades including traffic levels. Many Councils have responded to this by working with residents to make their areas that bit more tolerable. No such work has been done here until, hopefully, now. [And since you're so concerned about Green Lanes, I'd support 20mph along there too].
No, you are missing the point.. and if I may say so, I don't understand why you can't cope with differing opinions..

I support the campaign to get a bus service along Wightman Road, some don't and let their opinions be known. I don't go around accusing them of this, that and the other.

As for personalising the issue, the point I'm trying to make is, nearly EVERY street is somebodies home, be it Green Lanes N4, N8, N13 or N16... or wherever - that's just not a good enough reason to change something.. that's why it's humbug..

OK so you get you 20mph and everyone drives at 22-25mph, like with the 30 limit everyone drives at 32-35.. If you really want to change the flow of traffic, you'll have to something more drastic than that e.g. making the street one-way in different directions over three sections.. to stop through traffic..

The 20mph scheme is only a compromise, which IMO won't change a thing..
Oh dear. We're at cross purposes here. I'm not trying to change the world, just work to rebalance one aspect of a little corner of it. That change will be really significant for a number of people.

As far as coping with others opinions is concerned; an opinion is just that. A subjective view. Not a fact. It is your opinion that 20mph changes nothing. Those residents who have campaigned for it would disagree.

And as for facts, it is a fact that the noise and vibration from a vehicle at higher speed is worse as it is that the danger associated with the likelihood of collision and the resulting injury increases with speed[Transport Road Research Laboratory].

At least our opinions coincide on your point that every road is someone's home. Until very recently it seemed as if the policy of the Council was that there are roads which are worthy of thought, work and expenditure and those which should just grin and bear it. And the reason for changing something is EXACTLY because these roads are people's homes.

I think that leaves me with 'accusation' and 'humbug'. I'm afraid I'm completely lost on what I'm accused of accusing people of and after I was accused of 'humbug' I really started to lose the will to explore it . . . . or are you saying any discussion which addresses a symptom not a cause is humbug?



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