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two men are going down hewitt looking in cars and windows of houses. I blatantly took a photo and told them to they werent being discrete and stared them down until they went down passge. May want to check your cars / houses before leaving for work.

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Well done Shelene

well done - be sure to send this to the local police as i suspect this photo may get taken down for privacy reasons...

I doubt it. It's low resolution and you can't identify the person's face for a start but, imagine if Princess Diana had been able to use "privacy" as a reason her photo should not be taken in the street and widely published.

We had someone ring our doorbell at 10:30pm on Friday. When we looked our the blinds the person ran away. Our neighbour also had their car window smashed the other week. 

Mattison Road

Thanks Shelene, good neighbour!

Saw the same guys yesterday morning on Hewitt when I left for work.  I know who one of the guys is as he is the father of a kid that was in my child's class,  he is a well known low level drug dealer and petty criminal.  But given the Police's rather pathetic note on giving up on drug dealing for the time being we have to wait for these two to get swept up in a couple of months.  Which is what normally happens to this guy and whomever he is currently associated with.  It is both sad (as his family were/are lovely) and dangerous for the rest of us.  Tolerance of low level crime is proven to lead to more dangerous criminal activity and the whole area at the moment feels rather abandoned by the police and more and more unsafe.

Hi, We got burgled about a month ago now through our front window - about 10:30 am mid week and our neighbour was home and heard them so pretty brazen (we're a half house). A couple on our street were struck the Friday before front window again and the same week we were burgled I know of 2 other burglaries in surrounding streets. We're on Conway road. I've started a neighbourhood watch in our street as it is getting silly. The police have been helpful coming to our first neighbourhood watch meeting and they would be keen to seen this - I would get in touch with them as there could be someone on your street or neighbouring that has been burgled. You never know. 

There have been a few burglaries on Hewitt recently. The police are aware of this post.

Advice from the wise trim back your hedges and the new thing in town is a sticker on your letterbox claiming to be a 24 hour locksmith it is a scam to say that the property is empty during the day so let us burglaries the property.



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