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More than 1% of people in Harringay have had a positive Covid test result in the last 7 days

The 'rolling rate' of Covid19 positive tests in the local area is now over 1000 cases per 100,000 (i.e. >1%) in the last 7 day period. This will be an underestimate of infection levels, as some people won't have symptoms.

Zoom in on the Government's interactive map to find the details:


e.g. Harringay Ladder North had 101 cases in the last seven days, up 53 on the week, giving a rolling rate of 1,125.5 cases per 100, 000.

Meanwhile London ambulance is reporting that it received as many calls on Boxing Day as it did in the first wave: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55461390

& London's hospitals are filling up

Be very careful out there and avoid mixing with people outside your household!

It's a nasty disease for many people, including long covid for younger people as well as worse outcomes for those who are older & more vulnerable.

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Just found out Dr Corbett also shared a platform at the Trafalgar Square “gathering” of Covid deniers, anti-vaxers, 5G conspiracists and Piers Corbyn (the embarrassing relative you really hope doesn’t turn up to your wedding)

FYI, London now has more Covid patients in hospital than it had at the highest point in the first wave - 5371 vs 5201


In the spring this peak occurred as rates of infection were declining; at the moment infection rates are still increasing.

London hospital admissions for Covid are currently increasing with a doubling time of 11 days:


and there is discussion about transferring patients to hospitals in Yorkshire:


1 last push... till Spring

Keep focused people.

It clearly won't go away for a while but things should at least be better in Easter.



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