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1st or 3rd Saturday? Want help fixing your stuff? Come to our free Repair Café in N17

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It’s the third Saturday of the month this weekend - time for our regular monthly Repair Café in Broadwater Farm, 10:30am till 1:30pm. We have, as usual, a range of household items, toys and garments people carry in for help with repairing\mending including a toaster, a toy car and a scale.

Do you have stuff you could use help fixing? We’re a group of unpaid local volunteers who get together and help fix whatever is carried in. By booking a free ticket in advance, you’ll really help us ask someone with the right skills to be there for you.

This Saturday: Website: HaringeyFixers.org

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Chris, can people donate items that just need minor repairs and then you could sell on as fundraising or give away to people who need them?

Hi Barney thanks yes people do and it's much appreciated. We could do more if we could afford it :)

People in need won't necessarily step forward though, we can't reach more than a fraction. How do you fairly distribute stuff people need? Is it maybe better to donate to those organisations with more 'reach' than us?

Thanks Chris. Do you know any places/organisations I could contact to pass on items?

Hi Barney, we'll take items even if they're not broken, especially those we can give away or sell to finance the costs we incur hiring our venues twice a month, buying tools and spares etc. Message me if you wish and we can arrange collection.

Charity shops may also be worth considering. Depending on what you have in mind there are charities who specialise in rescuing computers and phones for example. Pleased to help more if I can.

Chris, I have a hi-fi separates system - Cambridge Audio CD player and amplifier with Gayle speakers (50wpc),  a Dyson vacuum cleaner; an Empson printer. Just minor adjustments to a couple of them. I don't have transport and mobility issues mean I can't carry them to Lordship Hub from car park.

Hi Chris. We have a printer that I think has a simple issue that needs fixing. We've actually bought a new one. I don't want to throw this away if it could be easily fixed and given to someone who needs it. Not sure if you could take, repair and redistribute but wanted to offer on the off chance

Yes please Alice! What's easiest to get it to us?

We can drop it off. When is the best date?

Thanks Alice - next Repair Café is a week on SAturday (3rd June) in Lordship Rec Hub - I'll message you.

Thanks Barney, kind of you - collected, minor repairs undertaken and put to good use.



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