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Boys playing street football in London, 1950s

A question emailed in from a old Harringavian. Can you help?

Does anyone remember the boys playing a team game? The object was to jump on the opposing team's backs and stay on. A bridge was formed by the first boy holding on the wall. I cant remember the name. It was pretty rough game and loud. Are there any old North Harringay boys out there? (Girls weren't allowed. We played skipping and big ship chain and ball games).

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thank you so much for remembering gentlemen what a tough generation of boys ,,

I love the way there's a little girl watching from the sidelines holding a doll.

There should have been another girl wearing a nurse's outfit.

We played this at school in the North East in the early sixties and called it British Bulldog. Why I don't know. I remember it usually ending in tears, fights and bloodied knees. Others I remember were
Tig On High where the person who was It could only tag someone who was on the ground.
Kick the Tin. Hide and seek with added tin kicking.
Split the Kipper. You took turns at throwing a penknife between your opponents feet and the feet were brought closer together each turn.
Knockie Nine Doors. The first one to knock on nine people's front doors and run away without being caught won.

We'd probably all be on the At Risk register these day.



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