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17th March Connect with Nature with StAGS: What is the sound of silence? Plus tastes and smells of Spring

It is described as “One of the most endangered resources on the planet” and it is very hard to find in urban environments.

It is the sound of natural silence, that is to say, one that is free from human sound not total quiet. We are in search of a square inch of silence somewhere on the site of St Ann's Green Spaces, even for a few seconds. 

We call this "earwitnessing" and and it is a practice in the intimacy of listening. While seeing is a relatively passive activity, listening requires us to fall silent, to close off our other senses and to develop our ability to hear even the faintest of sounds. Everything living makes a sound, most things we can never hear, but with a little effort we can train ourselves to "tune in"

We were not wholly successful in the SINC where we tried our experiment, but we shall try again this week in a different spot.

In our final session for March on the 17th, we will also go in search of the smells and sounds of Springtime, collecting as we go to match to the colour cards that we used to collate the colours of autumn. The strong smells of Spring created by the flowers will be complimented by  a herbal tea tasting back at the base. Bring your favourite herbal teas and things that smell good from nature.

As always, Sara will teach us some Qigong, there will be a little Nature study and simple exercises to help you awaken your senses. 

All welcome, including people with under 5s.

More information here

This is the last of our early Spring sessions but keep checking back for the next dates in April.

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