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North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has established a Waste Prevention Community Fund to support waste prevention initiatives in the north London area. This fund provides community-based (non-profit making) organisations with money to develop new approaches to reduce waste and/or extend the reach and impact of existing waste prevention activity in north London.

More than 850,000 tonnes of waste is collected in north London every year. Much of this waste - food and electric waste, clothes, furniture and single-use plastics - is preventable. NLWA wants to support community-based organisations to tackle waste prevention.

Information about the total amount of funding available for 2020/21, the amount that individual projects can apply for, and about how to apply is available here.

Organisations that previously submitted funding requests and/or have received support from the NLWA’s Waste Prevention Community Fund in previous years may also apply for funding. 

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Interesting - Money on Harringay paying Extra Millions to Contractors

As Council Officers do not seem to Enforce the Environmental Act , which requires All commercial premises has a Waste Contract , They can use any legal company to remove there waste

As any one can see Trade waste being placed around Waste bins, around the Borough

Often rubbish in Clear bags or bags from a local trader. Including Oil cans full of used cooking oil

Why waste thousands on a Anti Dumping Banners etc.  Yet Not prosecute offenders

Not forgetting the Act allows Council to bill offenders prosecution costs

Lucky to see one reported prosecution a week on Council Facebook page. And that lately seems to be residents caught dumping

Thought that might save some dumping issues. Remove the 24 hour notice on vans using Western Road Dump  Especially as there is so much building updating going on within the Borough

Which is causing more issues of Builders often blocking footway with materials. Or placing Waste Bins in road to save Parking Space



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