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Woodberry Down estate is vast. It comes up to the Seven Sisters/Green Lanes junction and is right on the Haringey border. Sainsbury's, just off Green Lanes is their nearest major drive-in supermarket.

The Hackney council Woodberry Down estate FAQ has this to say;

It is anticipated that the existing level of 1,980 of homes will need to be replaced with 4,300 homes for the project to generate sufficient income to pay for the entire programme. Of this total it is anticipated that at least 50% of the new homes, will have to be sold privately and the other 50% will consist of affordable and social housing including social rented, key worker.

More FAQ here, although answers appear out-o-date.

Mention of the demolition of Woodberry Down estate was made in this week's LSCP mtg, so this project must have been delayed for 4 years and only really kicking off in 2008.

History: In 1934, despite powerful opposition, the London County Council compulsorily purchased all of Woodberry Down and the construction of an ‘estate of the future’ began after the war. 57 blocks of flats were erected on 64 acres of land and the project was completed in 1962. More.

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Thanks for posting this and the link to Hackney's FAQ page - sounds like they're going to be replacing what's there with not only much higher density but it will also include some taller blocks - mmm can't wait.
And believe me, the building quality will be crap. The number of times I've heard builders say they wouldn't live in a block of flats they've been paid to build! ..... never ceases to amaze me.
That London needs extra capacity for housing is undeniable and Woodberry Down deserves a break, but what concerns me is how the infrastructure is going to cope with a doubling of capacity here, the development of the Heartlands and the increasing inability of the Council to stop HMOs in the Ladder resulting in many more people sharing this space.
Before anyone starts bandying nimbyism around, I fully support homes being built in London but what seems to happen is that very little thought is put into how the hospitals, schools, roads, GPs etc are going to manage. Granted there is a new secondary school for the Heartlands, but what about the primary sector? Maternity services are stretched to the limit now, I have heard no talk of new hospitals being built. Social care cannot cope with demand, waste management is dodgy and so on and that is before these new developments appear. The traffic situation is a nightmare and the talk is only of improving retail,, a bigger Sainsbury's perhaps?
In Holland, new building projects start with the infrastructure first and the housing comes after the infrastructure is up and running, here we seem to throw up housing, allow unfettered development and give permission for large scale building projects with little thought for how the services are going to cope.
What worries me is how this corner of North London is going to cope with more people being squeezed in, and no mention of expanding capacity in primary schools, hospitals etc and the impact on the roads and amenities.
It's always the way Liz. Btw, re primary capacity, NHP has been advised to reduce from 3FE to 2FE and that will happen from 2009. Decision is based on census data.
Really, I thought the rolls were going up in N Harringay?
Is that because they have recently increased capacity in the West of the borough and are no longer using North/South Harringay as "overspill" schools?
More housing = more babies and need for maternity provision, more pre-school more primary...5 years after the first tenants/owners move in may be a different story from now.



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