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Wood Green Consultation now available on-line, by email or by post

Wood Green Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document available for consultation till 25/06.

Comments can either be made via sveral routes:

1. Via the on-line consultation portal - very detailed (some might find it off-putting)


2. Via the Wood Green Town Plan microsite (straightforward anonymous comments)


3. By email to economic.regeneration@haringey.gov.uk


4. By post to:

Wood Green SPD Consultation
Economic Regeneration Team
2nd Floor
River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

The head of the department dealing with the plan is Karen Galey on 020 8489 2616

As Liz points out it's also important to email councillors and your local residents groups and let them know your feelings so they can formulate a response too.

The LCSP will be dealing with the issue in their meeting this week.

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I registered online to give feedback. You can do the same here:

The section regarding "bus only" High Road, which could increase road traffic on other relief roads, such as Wightman Road, is under section 7.3 where you can add a comment.

Please leave a comment if you object.
Surely, the roads liable for more traffic are Westbury Avenue & Lordship Lane and not Wightman Road. They are roads that offer a diversionary route north-south avoiding Wood Green High Road.
It may be they'll be affected, but travelling north, if you can't go up the High Street, the best alternative is to the west, a rote including Wightman - which incidentally also leads to the new Haringey Heartlands regeneration project.
Saturday and Sunday are shopping days too, probably their busiest. Wightman road is already busy at this time as a relief road for Green Lanes. Bus only areas might work in areas like Oxford Street because there are good public transport links, provision for car parking and essentially there are many other NON-RESIDENTIAL options for vehicular access to other areas beyond. This works less well in sub-urban and residential areas were the reliance on the car will exist for many more years to come and so major artieral roads should be left alone to cope with the many options people choose to get from A to B.
I don't know- I thought Hornsey Park Rd (round the back of the mall following on from Wightman Rd) is already at a standstill several times a day with too much traffic so I really can't see how they could propose this. (also from the look of signs in windows there local residents are already upset about traffic and want a 20 mph zone).
In terms of funneling traffic, it must go like this- Green lanes at Finsbury park to go nth/east, or Endymion rd/Wightman rd to go Nth/West. Because of the restrictions on Right hand Turns at the junction of Tunpike lane and Wightman rd, you couldn't change direction once you started up one or other of these routes without a lot of driving around out of your way or , using a ladder road to cross over.
I will certainly be taking a look to see what the council argues are the benefits of this scheme..
I also registered to take part in online consultation thinking perhaps that you can only see comments if you are a registered user, but I still see nothing from anyone. Has anyone registered and commented using the online consultation process (or any document)? Is it really the case that of all the people who might be affected by this, not a single one has commented on the document. Anyone have an explanation for this?
Exactly... I tried to do a search on the site for comments on HMOs following the housing policy documents closure, and it found none. Is anyone actually using this method? Perhaps you can comment 'invisibly'...i.e. it doesn't show up. Colin, did you leave a comment, I couldn't 'see' it. And no, i haven't yet commented, before you ask...
Yes I left a comment this morning. maybe it would not be feasible to post them all and they just process them internally. It's worth asking...
okay, left a comment and this is what happens
"E-mails may be sent to you at several stages including submission of the comment and when it is marked as Processed or Inadmissible. Processed comments are published following approval and will be viewable against the consultation however you may be required to login first. Any Inadmissible comments will be returned to you and will appear in the Inadmissible section of your personal area when you login."
So I guess your comment is in the Process stage, Colin, as is mine. Let's hope they don't find me inadmissable!
I think a cafe is a good idea because people will linger and use the space. The cafes around there are surrounded by busy roads and bus stations.
Finsbury Park cafe similarly works well. And the great food is a draw too!
You can also reply to Friends of Duckett's survey on this one Tom - via Adam's disucssion
I agree with Colin - I think a cafe is a good way to encourage people, esp parents, to use the common more and for a longer time. But personally not sure why the play area has to move (I think it is best the furthest away from the traffic, which is surely where it is now).



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