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20 Storey Tower + 1,500 new Homes on Harringay's Doorstep. Had You heard about it?

Passed me by this one. Another hugely well publicised consultation then.

The proposals:

1. 1300-1500 homes

2. Private spaces for family homes

3. New public spaces

4. Streets for living

5. A 20 Storey Landmark Tower,

6. Workplaces

7. Small supermarket, Restaurant/Cafe

8. Play facilities

The Mayor of London's London Plan includes a North London Plan. Within that is identified an area they've called Haringey Heartlands (heard the name before. Neber really understood what it meant).

The area is defined as:

The regeneration area commonly known as Haringey Heartlands stretches from Turnpike Lane to the top of Western Road.

There's a website that's been established specifically for the redevelopment:

I've written to the Heartlands project asking for an update and to be kept informed.

Am I the only one who's never heard of this? 1,500 new homes? A 20 storey tower and not a peep from anyone? Unreal!

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I'm told this is old news. Clearly missed the boat on this. Apparently the LCSP and, therefore I assume, the GRA have discussed this in the past.
The LCSP have Hugh.

Thats one of the reasons they`re very keen on a holistic Traffic study for the area as it would have a huge impact on this
That's precisely what I was thinking. Are you aware of any publicity done by any group or govt. body on this locally? Have I just been walking round with ears and eyes closed?
As far as I know there has been very little publicity on this, I've heard it spoken about in LCSP and the odd thing on the local rag. This is also the reason they are building the new school as discussed in Kid Stuff 'name the new school'.
OK, so three people so far have told me they knew about it - the biggest single development in/around our area for 20 years or more. How come this hasn't figured, ever, in any discussion? (You can tell, I'm quite taken aback by finding out about the huge scale of this development and can't get my head round the whole thing).
I was aware of the development in general. The Heartlands concept has been around in various forms for about 5-7 years. These things take a long time to pull together. I didn't know about the tower though.
As Matt says, it has been in the air for ages. There has been occasional leafleting with information and feedback forms posted through the letterboxes at least to the top streets on the ladder. There has also been at least one council-run meeting to which the public has been invited ( a few years ago). The traffic issue (congestion/pollution etc) has been raised, but I don't know the outcomes. I heard there was a lot of resistance, but that may be local grumblings. But there hasn't been any info at all lately.
I hadn't heard about the 20 storey tower, but I did know about the plan to build 1000+ homes & a new secondary school.

I presume that it will probably be some kind of Tesco Metro or some kind of smaller style supermarket as with the Arena, & Morrison's / Sainsbury's at Wood Green I can't imagine that it could possibly anything bigger.

I had heard of the Haringey Heartlands term but I agree that it had generally passed me by. I wonder if this is because we are not in the Council ward that we were not informed. Anyone have any other ideas?
As Helen says above, I think the streets on the north of the Ladder seem to have had some info. I imagine it's the normal lack of thought about involving local folks.

The traffic implications of this combined with other local developments will be enormous.


1 measure of Arena Shopping Centre
1 measure of extended Sainsbury's
1 measure of new Sainsbury's in Hornsey High Street
1 measure of Haringey Heartlands
1 measure of huge expansion over in Tottenham Hale (See London Plan)

Mix for a while and whaddya get?

(Mmmm........we probably oughtn't to forget what's going to happen at Ally Pally once the mess gets sorted.)

Still with flabber wot's completely ghasted.

Good grief. I've just received a reply from indigopa. They are the company doing the PA for the Haringey Heartlands consultation. I'd quite forgotten having written to him. I've no idea what I wrote. But, in any event, here's his reply. Got any questions for him?

Dear Hugh,

Sorry it took awhile to find our site - we did our best, booking full colour quarter page adverts in local papers, staging a 3-day exhibition in the library, and posting 15,000 leaflets through local letterboxes. Even so, I guess these things are just hard to promote.

At present, we're preparing to present a modified scheme, which has changed in line with public comments garnered in the first phase of the consultation. I'm currently commissioning images from the architects which will show the scheme as it will look and be, rather than the rather technocratic architect's blueprint understanding of the space and buildings. After that, we'll be producing 12,000 high-quality booklets to explain the scheme, and will update the website accordingly. I'd be happy to alert you once this is done. Do you have any questions I can answer in the meantime?

Kind regards,

Chris Magee
Account Manager
Indigo Public Affairs
020 7587 3432 (direct)
0800 458 6976 (switchboard)
Chris Magee
The stuff in the library was only about the secondary school. I definitely would have remembered a tower block. Allegedly Alexandra Park Cricket Club have been offered some money for the school to use their ground. Very win-win. No?

Honestly, what is wrong with something a little more modest? I know they need well designed high density housing but a tower block is very difficult to make "not really ugly".
I think it could be well placed for a 20 storey building. This area occupies the Chocolate Factory and of course the Shopping Centre, which are close to this height(??) IMHO it could be quite exciting for the area. Some might argue that Wood Green is still not a destination like Islington or Old Street for bars or restaurants - cue onslaught! Yet again the artists get there first ;o)



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