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Anyone else make the mistake or driving to Sainsbury's today (Saturday)?

Complete chaos! The car park was almost completely gridlocked - apparently it had been like that for most of the day. 30 - 45 miniute exit times common.

I drew this issue to the attention of Brian Hayley, "Cabinet" member responsible, a month ago and pointed to the likely worsening of the situation once Sainsbury's refit was finished. Now it may just be a 1st week rush, but even so, the circulation out of Wililamson Road needs sorting. There are some quick fixes which could quickly and cheaply ease the situation significantly. Hayley told me a month ago that it would be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Anyone else feel they'd like action on this, drop Hayley an email. (His address can be found with that for all Harringay Councillors and MPs via he main page naviagtion panel.)

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What are the "quick fixes" you mention, Hugh? Sainsbury's should have been forced to subsidise improved public transport in the area - trolleybuses for Green Lanes and a new Piccadilly Line station built where McDonald's is, linked to Harringay Green Lanes overground station.
It's time to leave the car at home.. you'd be better advised to walk to the supermarket (good exercise) every other day rather than use the car.

This would be much more constructive that campaining against plastic bags..

As a foreigner, I'm always amazed on how much the UK lags behind on such matters.

For instance, things we have done for yonks:
Why not make people pay for plastic bags..?
Why not make people pay deposits on all canned drinks..??
Why not make people pay deposits on plastic bottles??
Why not make Supermarkets responsible for all the packaging they produce. Here in boring old Germany, all retailers are required by law to take back all packaging they produce. Overnight they stop packaging vegetables and other such things. This always make me very angry when I visit blighty..

See also my reply to "Campaign against plastic bags.."

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The quick fixes relate to changing the westbound road layout on Williamson using road markings (using existing road width for two lanes westbound + mini roundabout at entrance to Arena car park, extending the yellow box junction across both lanes of Green Lanes and rephasing the left turn light out of Williamson to match with the Endymion/Green Lanes light. But there again, I'm not a traffic expert.

A new Piccadilly Line Station would be wonderful. Did you know that one was almost bulit at the bottom of Hewitt? (See Wikipedia article)
There has been gridlock here on previous occasions (and also at Tottenham Hale) whereby there were lots of parking spaces but no movement of vehicles. No one takes responsibility for sorting it out. Sainsburys says it's the Council, council says Sainsbury. THIS AFFECTS THE W5 BUS.
re W5 bus. Now you can't hover waiting in the warm. You still don't know when it will arrive, or leave. The least that Sainsbury's should do is provide some kind of count down. They benefit from being the terminal.
What intense stupidity traffic regulation-wise means that on leaving the Next carpark, one is forced to drive in the opposite direction to the exit from the complex, to an exit closer to Sainsburys and join a horrendous queue all the way round and out again? Why on earth could they not have simply widened the exit to make it an entrance as well?
I've stopped driving there full stop. I got caught in one of the infamous gridlocks (and this was before the Sainsburies refit) and I got so cross that I just parked the car and walked home with anything I could carry (I went back and got it at night obviously!). But I would hope Sains etc aren't complacent about it - I know people who just don't go there any more because of this.
We've stopped driving there for large shops too, it's too much.

We now have our shopping delived by Tescos every three weeks or so, shop on Green Lanes and pop into Sainsburys whenever needed.

It is a big balls up by the council giving planning permission to Sainsburys and the Areana complex in general without coming up with a congestion stratergy.

Maybe charging for car parking would deter people using their cars.
Charging might be an idea. But then where would people park to avoid the charges? The residential roads roundabouts mayhap?
Not if there was decent CPZs, and there this problematic circle continues.......
It's a roit ole mess-up, I do declare. Baint no sense to these 'ere council folk. Theym got less in their 'eads than them swans on the river o'er yonder.
I'm with Birdy Too on this. Get your shopping delivered, shop on green lanes for fresh stuff or join a box scheme, get your milk delivered by a milkman, avoid the weekends if you can or walk if you can't. (And don't use having kids as an excuse for driving... don't take 'em shopping, they hate it and if you must then walk with them. Anyone want to take me on about this, join my Kids Stuff group and we'll duke it out there! )
This woman has the answer.



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