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Dick Turpin and the Hornsey Turnpike

The Hornsey Turnpike stood on Green Lanes near to the junction with Turnpike Lane. An act of 1710 authorised the introduction of a turnpike at Hornsey although tolls were not levied until 1739. The Stamford Hill and Green Lanes Turnpike Trust finally erected a gate here in 1765.

This picture was taken shortly after its closure and just before its demolition in 1872.

The picture below depicts a probably fictional incident of Dick Turpin jumping the Hornsey Turnpike whilst being pursued by a posse led by the chief constable of Westminster. Turpin is supposed to have escaped, making it all the way to York.

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Comment by Raymond Coggin on March 31, 2023 at 11:10

Only Dick Turpin never actually jumped the depicted gate that wasn't erected until 1765 as he was hanged in 1739. The flight to York was a romanticised figment of a Victorian novelists imagination that has as is often the case been turned into an apocryphal fact.   

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