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This photo from Ally Pally looks comfortingly familiar and strangely unfamiliar at one and the same time.

Once, you view at larger size (below right), you can see the looming presence of the Harringay Arena in the distance. Coming forward, there are six huge chimney stacks in Hornsey. The farthest one, in the centre of the picture, was at the Hornsey Electricity works, just to the south of Hornsey Station on Tottenham Lane. Next left was the chimney for the Hornsey dust destructor, which was where the Hornsey Sainsbury's now stands. Between theme two chimneys, you can see St Mary's church tower. Just to it's left (east), you can make out the 'new' church, on a north-south alignment. The remaining four, slightly smaller chimneys were at the New River water works

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Comment by Ken Stevens on April 1, 2022 at 8:01

Was there a chimney at MAP Laundry in The Campsbourne, off the High Street? I had thought there was, not because I have any recollection of it as a kid but because there's something appears to be in the appropriate position in old images, In this view from the Middle Lane junction, that chimney seems to be in the wrong direction to be the dust destructor or waterworks and too close to be something further afield in that vague direction,such as Wood Green dust destructor or Barratts sweeties.

Comment by Ken Stevens on April 1, 2022 at 8:12

Forget that comment. The Hornsey dust destructor chimney is much further back from the High Street than I recall!

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