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Scooters on Duckett Road outside Strand Motor Cycles, 1962-3 | 4

Outside of the motor cycle shop in Duckett Road.

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Comment by Hugh on February 6, 2009 at 17:17
I want that car!
Comment by Brian Faulkner on July 26, 2018 at 18:33

Hi Guys & Girls, Yes that"s  Me the Hansom One out side Strand Motor Cycles!!. Don"t forget Camber Sand"s, on Our Scooter Run"s !!.

Great Memories of the shop, I was the tea boy, from about 13yrs. Would get the roll"s, sandwiches"s, from Hahn"s Baker"s on the Opposite corner of Duckett road. John the Boss"s Son, Use to Race Motor Bike"s. He was going to race 350 cc Velocett , in the Ise of Man TT race"s !!. He took Martin & Micky Duckworth, the Mechanic"s, & Me the tea Boy. 14yrs & Month Off School !!!!!!, what A Great Experience !!!.  

John"s Father Also had a Boat Yard on the Norfolk Broad"s. And one yr had Holiday on one of His Boat"s with John, on the Broad"s

Great Memories of Harringay, Born & Bred at 37, Cavendish Road next to Duckett.

Also with the Scooter Gang, Also Attending South & North Harringay School"s.

Boy"s Club"s & Tottenham Royal, They were the Day"s. Enough for Now.

Cheers Brian.

Comment by Brian Faulkner on July 26, 2018 at 18:43

 Hi Hugh, The car was one of John"s, can not Remember what Make !??. He Also had a Buick Rivera, XK 120 Jaguar, & many more, can not Remember them All, He loved His Car"s. Also like Me, Lotus Elite, Chapman"s 1st, Full race Lotus Elan, MGB, BMW 1972 2002, Mercedes 250 CE 2 Door Pillar less Coupe. & More !!. Forgot the New Mini 1964, £546 on the Road, Maroon, with white roof !!!!.



Comment by Hugh on July 26, 2018 at 18:50

Lucky John!

Comment by Mrs on August 25, 2018 at 18:00

Hi Brian

I remember you and all your family who lived at 37 Cavendish Road.

My parents garden backed on to your garden we lived in Duckett Road. Barry was always over in our house. I remember you and all your family even your Mum/Dad & older sister Joan and your other brothers sisters. 

I am in contact with Les Rappe/Lin and also Alan Fennel and your brother Paul. I remember when you and Alan was thinking of going to Australia.

My friend Emily lived down bottom of Duckett Road a few doors away from Desmond Elrick.

Love to keep in touch to reminse over old times of Harringay.


Comment by Brian Faulkner on August 26, 2018 at 20:54

Hi Val, as Your House next to the New River !!?. Did You have Brothers !?, Memory is Slow !!!.

Yes seen You have spoke with Paul, Gave Les His Address this week.

Des Elrick, was a Mate of mine for some time. He was South African, lovely Parent"s.

Was a Heavy Gambler, & Drinker !, got into a Few fights when We were Mates !!!.

It was Eventually, Me & Micky Duckworth, Who Migrated to Aussie. In 1968 on the £10 Pom Sceem. I stayed out there for 2-1/2 Yrs, in that time Alan came out. Also Jimmy Taylor & His Mate George the Greek !!= 5 of Us. Alan, Jimmy, & George, returned to the UK, after a short stay !!!. I Split up with Micky, after 8 mths, He stayed in Melbourne, I traveled Oz !!. Had not seen or heard from Micky, in the rest of My time in Oz.  FATE !!!!!!.  WE BOOKED THE SAME RETURN PLANE TO THE UK AFTER 2-1/2 Yrs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. DID WE HAVE SOME CHAMPAGNE ON THE PLANE !!!!!!!!.

I now live in Portugal, with the Mrs of 42 Yrs of Marriage. Have been here for 5 Yrs, Previously  lived in Adelaide S/ Australia for 11 Yrs, Stepson has lived there for 30 Yrs. So the Return Connection !!!!.

What a Great Borough, in Our Times, Could Never live there Again !!!!.  Regards Brian. 

Comment by Mrs on August 31, 2018 at 22:24

Hi Brian/families,

No I did not have any brothers or sisters. I was a only child.

Your brother Barry used to spend a lot of time over in my parents' house in Duckett Road. My Grandad taught him a lot about carpentry and DIY. 

My Dad always had cars and also motorbikes and bought them from Coburn/Hughes where Mickey worked.

DC you remember the Harringay boy's (Gang) as they called themselves (Teddy Boy's) LOL. 

Jackie Morris lived in Umfreville Road, Alan Chapman live in Wightman Road. Jackie had twin sisters Margaret/Jean they went to my school "Hornsey County" Mattison Road. Brian Garrett lived also in Wightman Road.

I believe Brian you was 1 year older than me. I'm 71 now. Married for 52yrs still to Colin. Have two married sons, Raymond 51yrs, Tony 47yrs and three grown up grandchildren, Abigail 21yr at Greenwich University, Hannah 19yrs @ Nottingham University, Samuel 14yrs still studyiing at school.

Barry came to our wedding 5/3/1966. Les/Alan we keep in contact and as you know we keep in contact still now. I would really like to contact Barry as not seen him since. Can you send me his address if he would not mind. My email address is valerie-piggott@sky.com  would love to see some more old pictures of your families. I sent some to Paul.

In Duckett Road I lived 3 doors down from the New River. 1st house down from my house was a guy called Richard Irons. He went to William Grimshaw school in Hornsey (Rod Stewart went to the same school).  Do you remember my best friend Emily who lived on same side as me & Desmond she lived at 86 Duckett Road, Micky was struck on her. Did Micky have a child with a girl in Duckett Road a few doors from the Alleyway??.

Anyway Brian keep in touch.

Kind regards


Comment by John Shulver on October 10, 2020 at 17:12

Great reading this conversation between you all.  Although I didn't know you as such......I lived on the "other side"  (of Green Lanes !) in  Harringay Road,  nods and grunts were exchanged between us and the younger brother, Mickey was it ?  I do remember one of you having a scooter and a mini.  And blonde hair!    Great tale of your time in Aussie.    And I tend to agree Harringay was a great place.....in our time.

Anyway good luck to you..

Comment by Brian Faulkner on October 10, 2020 at 19:21

Hi John, Yes it Was Me Brian Who had the Vespa 160 GS !!. Then had a New Maroon Mini, £546 on the Road !!.  Have a 1965 Vespa 150cc at Present, About to Sell. Body not as Young as it WAS !!.

Micky was one of the Twins, Barry his Brother We were a Family of Ten Kids !! 5 Boys 5 Girls.

Micky Died Two Yrs ago, aged 72, Sister Susan Died 1st July this Yr aged 60, Long Illness.

Dad Died 1960, Mum 1993. Eight of Us Left !!.

Yes Me & the Mrs of 44yrs, Lived in Adelaide South Oz for 11 Years. Son has been out there for 30 Yrs !!  Now Living in Portugal for last 7 yrs

Les Rappe", one of the gang,Lived Above Dewhurst the Butchers green Lanes, near Warham Road.

Allan Fennell, Lived in Duckett road, Now Lives in CA USA !!.

Where are You Now John !?.

All The Best John

Brian Faulkner.

Comment by John Shulver on November 1, 2020 at 17:02

Watcha Brian........just picked up your response.      Still a scooter boy then eh !

10 kids.....???   Bloody hell, understood there were a "few" of you but not 10.

Sorry to hear about your brother and sister.  Was she the youngest ?

Well your marriage has done well mate, congrats to that.   My older brother emigrated in 62 landing at Fremantle but ended up in Adelaide.  Still lives there but health is not good now.   I've been over 3 times visiting (loved it).  Last went Nov and Dec last year expecting to go to his funeral but happily he's still with us.  Intended going out again this year but that all got stuffed up eh !

Why did you choose Portugal ?  Good is it ?  Not quite Harringay.

I had a Saturday job next to Dewhurst around 63/64 time but the only other name that rang a bell with me,  other than you Faulkners,  was Mickey Duckworth.  (loved the story of your meeting up for return flight home!)

I lived in Harringay Road till 1970,  moved to White Hart Lane till 72, got married and went straight up to Norfolk (where you spent some holidays !)  and been here since.

You take care mate and good luck to you.........

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