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Pay for Your Advertising with HOL

Three Simple Steps Get Started

1. Make Your Payment - You can either pay for your ad by Paypal using the buttons below or direct to our bank account - drop us a note at ads[at]harringayonline[dot]com and we'll send HoL's bank details over to you.

Pay by Paypal

Use the blue arrows to select your ad service level.

Ads | One-Off Payment

 Design Services

 Commercial Membership |
£45 per qtr

 Commercial Membership |
£145 p.a.

2. If you've paid by Paypal, drop us a line at ads[at]harringayonline[dot]com to let us know that you've done so. We'll also need:

  • Your ad image - jpeg format for display at 173px x 173px. You can send it over at any size that is the display size or larger, but you should view it at the display size before sending it over to make sure that everything is visible. Alternatively, we can design this for you for  just £35.
  • The url you'd like us to link the ad to
  • Your ad start date.

If you've arranged with us to pay direct into our bank account, we'll still need these three things. So send them on through and we'll let you know as soon as the payment is received into our bak account.

If you have any questions at any point, drop us a line at ads[at]harringayonline[dot]com.

3. Then if you're taking out a display ad simply sit back and we'll do the rest. We'll let you know when your ad has gone live. If you're taking out a commercial membership, just join up and post as per the conditions of the membership. 



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