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Understanding the threaded forum

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Harringay Online uses a threaded forum style where replies to earlier replies are inserted directly under the earlier reply. This makes it easier to see who's responding to what, but it does mean that replies are not organised by time sequence.

To make it easier still to understand who's replying to who, you'll also see a 'reply to reply' level indicator. Here's how it works.

Any reply with no number next to it is simply a response to the original post, added by entering text in the box directly under the original post.

To add a 'reply to a reply', you click the reply link under the reply you want to reply to.


When someone posts a 'reply to a reply', their response will display a level indicator between 1 and 9. In theory a reply to a reply should have a number one greater than the reply you're responding to. Here's an example:



Last updated: 22nd June, 2012


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