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Setting up Email Alerts for things You're Interested in

If there are topics on HoL that you're particularly interested in, setting up email alerts for new activity is just one click away.

When you start a conversation or respond to one you'll automatically receive email alerts when there's any further activity on that conversation. But, did you know that you can easily set up the same alerts for any  discussion on HoL, or new discussions in any particular forum categories that you're interested in - or indeed all new conversations on the site! (And when you get fed up with receiving alerts that you've set up or those that have been auto-crated, it's just as easy to hit the nuke button.)

1. Conversations

Click "Follow" / "Stop Following" beneath to top reply box:




2. Forum Categories / All Conversations

To get an alert when any new forum discussion is started, just click the black "Forum" tab in the navigation bar beneath the HoL banner towards the top of any page. Then click "Follow" / "Stop Following" at the bottom of the main Forum page.

To follow a particular category, click through to category and click "Follow" / "Stop Following" at the bottom of the page.

With both of these options, unless you subsequently follow a conversation, or respond to it, you'll get no further alerts about any conversation after the initial one.


Last updated: 25th April, 2013


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